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    The Guild Should Have a Town Crier

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    The discemination of guild announcements, which currently is usually dispensed through Twitter, Facebook, and email, in its current form does not allow for those who merely wish to listen in Devonshire House instead of utilising the internet.

    A perfect solution would be the creating the position of a town crier for Devonshire House. This would be an elected, unpaid, role and the person would be equipped with a bell and ceremonial garbs so they could be properly heard.

    Potential announcements which the town crier could be used for:

    > Election Results

    > Sales in the Ram

    > Horse theft // a new farrier in twon

    > Trouble at Parliament

    > Nearby highwaymen or bandits

    > Poor sailing weather conditions

    > Regicide

    > Approaching Armada


    Do the sensible thing. Vote strongly agree.

Edward Church
2:17pm on 12 Oct 18 I supporteth this idea!

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