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    Fossil Fuel Divestment

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    We are calling on the Guild to support a campaign to get the university administration to divest from fossil fuels.

    Climate change is probably the biggest threat to humanity our generation will have to face as we get older. If we are to achieve the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement of keeping warming less than 2°C, and preferably closer to 1.5°C, above pre-industrial levels, society must transition away from fossil fuels, and replace them with clean, renewable sources of energy ASAP. Here at Exeter, we can do our bit by campaigning for the university to stop investing, directly or indirectly, in fossil fuel companies. So far, more than 60 higher education institutions in Britain and Ireland have already divested all or some of their fossil-fuel investments, or are in the process of doing so. It would make perfect sense for the University of Exeter to follow suit, especially as we do a lot of climate research here. The university will no longer invest in tobacco companies, in keeping with the research done here on cancer. A report a few years ago by the Ethical Exeter campaign group found that 81% of students support divestment from fossil fuels, and 89.8% agree with investment in renewable energy; hence, the university could reinvest its money in clean energy.

Jack Morewood
12:26pm on 12 Oct 18 Fossil Fuel divestment has shown itself time and time again to be not only ineffective, but financially harmful to the divestors. Expecting the university to divest from the most lucrative investments means it will not benefit as those investments mature and will have less money to spend on our experience and education, and ironically on research the university completes into 'climate change' and 'global warming.' Divesting from fossil fuels means the university divests from students. See the LSE report breaking down the myths of divestment here:

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