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    Rack/Box of Umbrellas in Forum for Students&Staff to Borrow for Free in Emergency

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    Some people bring umbrellas with them everyday; many don't. While I think it is advisable to be as prepared as possible, sometimes things just don't go as envisioned:

    I bring an umbrella almost daily, yet occasionally I forget/think it would likely not rain. On one such occasion, I was at the Forum late in the evening, looking at the rain pouring onto the transparent ceiling panels. Next to me, several other students stood, in the same dilemma. Some perhaps boast constitutions that at all times withstand long runs in cold rain. I did not have that certainty, so was very lucky to be able to buy an umbrella at the Market Place before it closed and walk back under it. (A few students remained inside, maybe until much later. On my way down Forum Hill I met some students running and shouting in the rain - I hope they had not caught cold.)

    After that experience, and remembering many other occasions I saw people soaking/frowning in the rain (sometimes I ask individuals if they want to come under my umbrella, but I could only help so many and that could be awkward), I thought: if there is a rack/box of umbrellas in the Forum (and maybe even other large buildings) for students & staff to borrow for free in emergency and return as soon as possible, then many people could avoid soaking in the rain when bad luck occurs. Many would also not have to buy emergency umbrellas that end up mostly unused (mine became unused; I have 2 other umbrellas).

    If this idea passes, I will donate that mostly unused umbrella to the rack/box.

    I think this will genuinely help the unlucky few who happen to need but not have an umbrella during a sudden downpour (of course, we should be as prepared as possible by our own means instead of relying on these umbrellas) - this may happen to most of us on occasion.

    This can also be an interesting social experiment to test our collective integrity. If umbrellas are always returned (I hope they will be), then we can have one more thing to be proud of at our University.

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