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    Welcome Team to be Paid

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    The University of Exeter does not pay the Welcome Team, who work extremely long hours and are undertrained and understaffed for the vital role they perform in welcoming new students to the Uni.

    This is not the case at other universities. For example, UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) has a team by the same name who are paid workers.

    In addition to this, there have been reports that these volunteer students have been used not for the rewarding work of welcoming new students to the community, but (at times) as ticket-checkers on the door of University fundraising events during Freshers' Week. This has the double effect of taking money away from someone who should be employed to do such a job, and is disingenuous, as it is hardly a "Welcome Team" function.

    They have not even been provided with food or drink whilst on shift in most cases. They have had to rely on the charity of local businesses, which is not on at all.

    It is an absolute disgrace that a university uses unpaid labour on this level, especially when those working alongside the Welcome Team (namely the Student Ambassadors) are paid for undertaking similar roles. To put it into perspective, the University of Exeter's 2016-17 income was £398.9m! They can afford to pay people for their time and labour.

    The University must pay the Welcome Team the same Living Wage it pays Student Ambassadors and others employed by it.

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