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    Improve the traffic management in the Newman building

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    Whenever I have a lecture in Newman building, I imagine at least 5 minutes lost in the building, spending this time to make a few steps to the lecture room (same applies after the lecture is finished), which basically means I have to leave 5 minutes earlier, and so I lose 5 minutes of my time whenever I have a lecture in Newman building, and it takes me 5 minutes more to leave the Newman building, which steals another 5 minutes of my time spent at home or with friends. On my example, I would lose 10 minutes per one sitting in Newman building, 30 minutes weekly - taking into consideration that an academic year in UK has 39 weeks, I lose 19.5 hours per academic year waiting in crowd!

    We all value our time, and so it's only logical to come up with a system to manage this traffic efficiently.

    From what I've noticed, I have been a part of the issue as well - people are waiting for their lecture standing in front of the lecture room, where other subject group is having their lecture, which means you have to wait additional time for those people to leave, so that you can enter, and with you standing just outside the room, their movement is slower than it would normally be.

    I opt for a simple solution - people should wait in the area with chairs and couches, or in the cafe, and the flow of people leaving the building should keep to their left side, and the people coming in should keep to the opposite side. Most important thing is that there would be no idle people in the walking area.

    If the solution like this is passed, the goal can be most easily achieved with the Newman building lecturers telling the students about the changes

    This change does not even cost anything, and you gain a lot of time in the year scale!

    I am open to suggestions and alternative solutions, but I am certain that something must be done!

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