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    Stop iExeter Digital Check In

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    This academic year, the University has instituted the Digital Check In system.

    There are several reasons to oppose this:

    1. Not every student has a smartphone with the capability to run the iExeter app/check-in system, either through cost, or choice. This is, in effect, mandating what type of phones students must have and those from lower-income backgrounds will be particularly impacted by this.

    2. This aids the UK Government in deporting international students for not having attendance records as clean as they like. This should not be grounds to remove someone from the country.

    3. This places undue stress on those with disabilities (especially mental illnesses) to attend lectures, for fear of receiving a "black mark" against their name/punitive measures taken against them.

    4. The ability for the University to access our locations via Bluetooth and GPS/location services at any time is Big Brother-esque and potentially open to massive abuse.

    5. As adults, we should be free to decide for ourselves which lectures we attend. The consequences of this should be borne by the individual. The University should not be watching over us like a hawk.

    On top of all this, many students are reporting that the new check-in system does not function properly and they are being marked as absent from classes they have attended due to this. It also serves as a big distraction during classes.

Kajetan Zarzycki
10:37pm on 2 Oct 18 I agree with the change, however for different reasons: 1. There have not been a day that i did not have a problem with check-in (the app always tells me that my next class requireing check-in is one week after the current lecture), it is very possible that many other students experience similar issues 2. Almost all lectures so far have covered the material i had covered in high-school, but anyway it is necessary for me to attend those lectures To be completely ethical i have to undermine the arguments proposed by the post-creator that are supporting my view: 1. I don't think there is a single student that does not have a mobile phone with bluetooth. If there was one, they would have said it during their academic induction, and there would be an alternative way of checking their attendance. If you know someone like this, it would be beneficial either for them or for your cause if you point this person out 2. I am an international student myself, and i think government should be somewhat selective of who they let into the country. From the practical perspective, this person most probably took a study loan, which is cancelled if the borrower is not able to pay it back. They don't want to lose taxpayer's money on unyielding students. It's a loan not a gift. 3. I don't understand the third point. How does the place undue stress on people witb disabilities through digital check-ins? 4. You can turn the bluetooth off after you've checked in. In this aspect, it is no different from marking your attendance in highschool or in middle school. 5. I agree with this one, college is the best time to learn responsibility and personal time management Despite my negative comments, i support the cause for the reasons i stated.

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