Student Idea: the Guild should condemn ISIS


In October the NUS voted to reject a motion condemning ISIS, on grounds that such a motion would be "Islamophobic."


The Students’ Guild Should vote to condemn ISIS

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ISIS is an organisation which systematically exterminates those who do not support its ideology, and which radicalises young western Muslims to leave their families to commit murder overseas.

It is one of the greatest threats the civilised world has faced in recent years. This is motion is in no way designed to be Islamophobic, nor to condemn, demean or belittle the Islamic faith or its followers in any way; rather it condemns an organisation which promotes a perversion of that faith and which gives a bad name to all Muslims.

If the actions of ISIS do not merit condemnation, then surely there is no organisation in the world which does.

Idea By: Sam Salzman
Idea Ended: 18 November 2014


Online polling: 76 participants


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The vote is closed, and a report has been prepared for Guild Council

Council discussed whether, despite ‘obviously’ condemning ISIS and their actions, it was appropriate for the Guild to declare an official position on this matter.

They voted to condemn ISIS and specified that the actions for Sabbatical Officers on this would be lobbying the NUS to condemn ISIS at the next NEC meeting and work with the Kurdish Society on any solidarity actions they may be running.

Thomas Chapman
2:25pm on 17 Nov 14 Im sure ISIS will be in fits of terror from such a condemnation....
Alistair Heath
10:51am on 17 Nov 14 Since when has the Guild needed an opinion on Isis? It's a students union, not a middle east think tank. It's not that I don't think what Isis is doing is wrong, it's just I don't think the Guild should be in the affairs of international politics.
James Golten
1:12am on 4 Nov 14 @Samuel Salzman Exactly, this is why as I said I strongly agree with this motion. But it is also important to make sure that this motion doesn't misrepresent what actually happened in the NUS.
Samuel Salzman
1:03am on 4 Nov 14 @James Golten Whatever their cause, they rejected a motion to condemn ISIS based on a wording issue. If they felt that such a wording issue might result in Islamophobia, then they rejected the motion as they felt it might result in Islamophobia. Either way, the main point of this motion is to see whether or not the students of Exeter wish to condemn ISIS, not the intricate details of why the NUS chose to reject a motion condemning it.
James Golten
12:52am on 4 Nov 14 @Samuel Salzman. Exactly, a reference to the 'wording of the motion' not the principle of condemning ISIS. And still, 'islamophobia' is at best a misquote, and at worst a misrepresentation.
Samuel Salzman
11:38pm on 3 Nov 14 @James Golten The leader of the campaign against the motion in the NUS apparently said: “We recognise that condemnation of Isis appears to have become a justification for war and blatant Islamophobia. This rhetoric exacerbates the issue at hand and in essence is a further attack on those we aim to defend.” An NUS spokesman also said: "Some committee members felt that the wording of the motion being presented would unfairly demonise all Muslims..." although the actual word Islamophobia is not used in this case, it certainly implies it.
James Golten
11pm on 3 Nov 14 I hate ISIS, and I have hated them since long before the media started caring, when they were doing in Syria what they are now doing in Iraq, and of course, I voted strongly agree to this motion based on principle. However, the motion is lying. I have read the statement from the NUS and there is nothing about Islamophobia anywhere, yet it is in quotation marks here? This libel has to be stopped NOW. NUS members are receiving death threats and this falsification is very unfair to Muslims. If this motion passes the wording must be reworded and this vicious lie must be called out. I encourage anyone on this thread to actually google the statement from the NUS, rather than believing the Daily Mail lies.
Frazer Ritte
9:14pm on 3 Nov 14 Am shocked this isn't 100% strongly agree. Who in their right mind doesn't want to condemn the mass slaughter and genocide of innocent people?
Jonathan Farrell
9:01pm on 3 Nov 14 With a large community of Kurdish and Iraqi PHD students at this University who are forced to be a members of the NUS, an organisation that fails to condemn the very evil that is massacring their people, condemning ISIS is the least the guild should do. Strongly Agree.
Samuel Salzman
8:13pm on 3 Nov 14 Whilst I certainly recognise that there are different cultural viewpoints and backgrounds represented at Exeter, surely it's quite worrying if we can't have a consensus that a genocidal terror group is probably a bad thing?
Harry Green
7:32pm on 3 Nov 14 This university contains students of lots of different background and cultures from all over the world. I don't think the guild itself should be advocating or condemning a particular side, regardless of what I think of ISIS personally.

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