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Thinking about going for a Part-Time Officer role, such as College Officer or Subject Rep? Hear from some of our current Part-Time Officers on what it's like! 

Cherry, HUMS College Officer

With election season coming up, I just wanted to say a few things as someone who has been involved in student representation since my first year at Exeter University.

I began as a first-year rep for Liberal Arts, had lots of fun, met some new people. The then Subject Chair and DoE asked if I would like to continue on as a Subject Chair next year, and I did. Chairing was not necessarily the easiest of all tasks, but it was definitely a step forward towards making the changes that I wanted to see for our department. Half way through my second year as Chair, I decided that it was only right to run for Chair again because change does not happen overnight and I wanted to be there to see through all the changes and feedback we suggested. It got me thinking, Liberal Arts students span across different colleges, what is the best way to represent our ever-growing cohorts? With the help and support from the then HUMS College Officer Cat, I decided to put my name forward as College Officer as well. As it stands right now, and will always be, it was and is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Was it stressful? Yes. Was it challenging? Yes. Was it amazing? Certainly. Would I do it again? A million times yes and over and over again.

This year has been incredibly difficult for students, COVID did create more problems than we expected, but some of them were issues that were brushed off - resurfaced. Our institution is far from perfect, but it will always benefit from student feedback, be it the good practices or the bad.

Students are what matters, and as a student representative, this is what you can do. It is about being there for your fellow students, listening to their issues, relaying them to the relevant staff and making the change you want to see. It is also about fighting the good fight, to fight to solve issues that other students should never have to go through.

Student representation is always about being better and future improvements.

You can be part of the change, you can be the change.

Dominque Waddie - Theology and Religion Subject Chair

Having the opportunity to be a Subject Chair this year has been an honour and a challenge.  Being able to convey the views and thoughts of the students to the staff is such an important job, especially during the pandemic, where contact and communication can be strained.  It has been enjoyable, educational, and sometimes a little nerve-wracking to be able to join Departmental Meetings and to chair SSLC meetings.  The staff have all been so supportive, they do not expect you to get it all right first time, they expect you to learn and develop along the way.  As Subject Chair, I have had the opportunity to develop so many skills through experience and learning from others.  I am now more confident, more aware of the challenges of working at a university and have more understanding towards both students and staff.   


Bethan Neil - Modern Languages Subject Chair

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