Candidate Content

This year due to the lockdown and pandemic, our Student Elections will be digital-only for the first ever time. To ensure that we give candidates a fair platform and to make the Elections engaging to our student community, we have some requests to support our communications and marketing.

This content request is only for the paid roles- candidates for Guild President, Vice President Education, Vice President Opportunities, Vice President Liberation and Equality, AU President and College Officers.

Whilst these are optional, we would strongly encourage you to submit the content as this is what the main Guild channels will be using to promote the candidates and Elections to help bring candidates to life.

Video content

Please create a short video of yourself explaining why students should vote for you. This should be a talking to camera video without lots of graphics e.g. too many graphics/images over your face so we can't see you as the candidate. Subtitles and smaller graphics whilst you're on the screen is fine. The aim is for the video to be used to bring candidates to life and give you an opportunity to get your face out there. 

Video requirements:

  • You have up to 30 seconds

  • Landscape is preferable

  • Good natural lighting

  • Clear and quality sound (make sure you do it in a quiet space indoors)

Please note if the video you submitted goes over 30 seconds, we will cut it at the 30 seconds mark to make it fair for all candidates. Format will need to be .mp4 or .mov (if recording on iPhone/Mac). 

Your manifesto in 3 words and 3 emojis

  1. Explain your manifesto or why students should vote for you in 3 words

  2. Explain your manifesto or why students should vote for you in 3 emojis

This is to allow us to post quick fire comms alongside pushing to read the manifestos in full, to give students a taste on social media and if interested to read more.

Please put this into a word document to be shared with us as required below. 

Submitting Content

When you are ready to submit, you will need to upload both files to this uploader (you will need to upload your video and word document separately one after the other). You will need to ensure that it is uploaded by Wednesday 3 March 23:00

If you have any issues, please email or if your video is too large to submit you can use wetransfer to send it across to us to Please ensure that you have clearly stated your name and role in the email/transfer or file name e.g. Joe Bloggs Guild President Video. 


Disclaimer: please note that by submitting your content to us, University of Exeter Students’ Guild have ownership over that content and will be shared on public channels such as social media and our website. It may also be shared with the University of Exeter and the Guild’s student media groups for marketing purposes.

Any content that breaks our code of conduct such as harassment or foul language will not be used and may be escalated according to our policies.

Candidate Support

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