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Introduction to the Leadership Elections 2022

Welcome to your Candidate Hub! If you’re looking for a graduate job like no other, you’ve come to the right place! We've created this area to help you decide which roles to go for and to support you through the journey of our Student Leadership Elections. There are also lots of resources for you including training sessions, FAQs and rules.

Good luck! Izzy, VP Opportunities

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Key Information

Key Dates

Monday 7 February 09:00- Nominations open

Monday 28 February 12:00- Nominations close

Tuesday 15 March 09:00- Voting opens

Thursday 17 March 16:00- Voting closes

Friday 18 March- Results announcement

Why should you care about the elections?

There’s no better chance to make meaningful change than becoming a student leader – if you keep hearing about the same issues, why not be the one to change them!

Your student voice can have a real impact on the issues you care most about - whether you’re voting or putting yourself forward for a position.

Student leaders have the power to make real change, like these!

This is a fantastic opportunity to lead an organisation like no other and represent 30,000 students.

General FAQs

How do I nominate myself for a position?

Hit the “nominate now” button and follow the easy steps to submit your nomination. You’ll have to provide some other information including your personal statement by 3 March, but we’ll supply all the details.

How do I know which position to go for?

Take a look at the job descriptions for each role, to find out which areas of the student experience they cover. If you’re unsure, get in touch with our current officers to hear first-hand what the role is like!

Why are there no manifestos this year?

We know that student priorities change throughout the year so instead of a manifesto, we think having candidates focusing more clearly on how they are suitable for their chosen Officer role and why they would be the best candidate to represent you will be a positive change. This approach hopes to ensure your future Officer team’s work can be more responsive to emerging issues, reflective of changing student priorities, and relevant to students.

Can I become an Officer if I’m an international student?

Definitely! International students can run for any position. Be aware though that you might need a visa, or you may need to change your current visa. We can support you with this, just speak to the Voice team when you are submitting your nomination.

Can I become an Officer if I’m a postgraduate student?

Yes! We welcome applications from PGT and PGR students. If you are intending to take up the role before submitting your research/thesis, you should discuss your plans with your supervisor to see if they have any concerns. You should also check with your funding body if a break in your research to take up an officer position would affect your eligibility for funding.

Can I apply if I’m not in my final year?

Of course you can! You may have heard officers referred to as “Sabbatical Officers” and this is because you are able to take a year off from your studies in order to be an officer, also known as a sabbatical. Once your year in office has ended, you would resume your studies.

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