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Campaign Affiliation Application

Campaign Affiliation Application

Campaign Affiliation Application

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Campaigns Affiliation Guidance 

Campaign Conditions for Affiliation 

Application process


Campaigns should: 

  • Provide activity to achieve a single objective, based on driving change within a topic or cause 

  • Have a clear start and end date  

  • Be accessible to all members of the Guild, without a membership fee 
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Proposed Campaigns can only be considered if the following conditions are met: 

  1. The Campaigns Application Form must be filled in correctly and in full.
  2. It is a campaign focused on achieving a single objective, based on driving change within a topic or cause  
  3. The proposed campaign's objectives do not contravene Students' Guild or University policy
  4. The proposed campaign's objectives do not threaten the financial status of the Students' Guild 
  5. You must have at least two campaign leaders in place before submitting this form 

Applications that don't meet these baseline criteria will be rejected, although advice will be offered by the Activities team regarding the reason for rejection. Suggested changes to the proposed campaign may be provided, for example adjusting its aims.  

Once a campaign is approved it has full status.  

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How does the application process work? 

Step 1: Apply
Fill out the Campaign  Application Form to submit your application. You’ll receive a confirmation email that your application has been received, usually within one working week. 

Step 2: Review 

The application will be reviewed by an Activities staff member to ensure it meets the application criteria. It will then be passed to VP Activities for final approval. If there are any questions about your application or adjustments that need to be made, these will be communicated before the reviews finishes.  

If you are successful in becoming an affiliated campaign, The Activities Team will provide you with the information you need. You will be invited to an induction session with an Activities Coordinator to write and review your campaign plan, answer any questions you have and train you and your campaign committee about everything you need to know. 

Step 3: Complete campaign plan  

30 minutes meeting with a member of staff to review your ideas and create a campaign plan. Your ideas will be formalised into SMART targets and a timeline  

Step 4: Training 

Your campaign committee will need to attend a training session  

Step 5: Campaign  

Implement your campaign plan! 

Step 6: Wash up Report  

At the end of your campaign you will review your overall objectives in the end of campaign report. This will include looking at indicators of success and reflecting on the process.  

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Your Name

Your Email Address

Your Student Number

Campaign Details

Name of Campaign

What is the problem?
What are your campaigns main aims and objectives? 

What is your ultimate Campaign goal?

Please provide a short plan of the types of activities you would run to meet your campaign objectives

What do you need to run your campaign 

What does success look like?

Campaign Leaders

Please provide the details of your campaign leaders:



Student numbers:

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your campaign?

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