Leena Musa, 3rd Year Psychology Student

Before enrolling at the University of Exeter, my expectations were minimal because I'd never really heard of Exeter before enrolling here. .

Nonetheless, based on my previous research, I understood it was a small city with little diversity. After discovering this information, I was worried at first, and I wasn't sure if Exeter was the right place for me.

I soon learnt there was a wide range of societies I could join. Joining these societies has made my university experience much better and is where I met the majority of my friends.

These societies helped me make friends from all over the world and seemed like a safe haven for me, allowing me to meet individuals with whom I can connect with and who share my enthusiasm for various hobbies.

Top tips I would give to my fellow Black students at Exeter is to join societies that interest you, because that is where you will most likely meet your friends. Living with individuals for the first year of university will allow you to establish a varied network of friendships.

Developing a wide network of friends may be quite beneficial in learning more about oneself and learning about various cultures. Being open at university is also essential, as is recognising that the majority of individuals are in the same situation as you.

My final and most essential piece of advice is to prioritise your physical and emotional health since university may be overwhelming. Remember to have fun and strike a balance between your academics and your enjoyment.

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