We're so excited for Welcome 2023! (formerly known as Freshers')

TLDR: Welcome will last until week 6, giving you more opportunities to get involved and settle into life at Exeter. The first week will have themed days where you can explore what we do, meet societies and groups and find out what they have to offer in a more relaxed and accessible way!

We’re making some changes to how we welcome you and our new students in September.

In collaboration with the University, we’ve decided to rename Freshers’ to Welcome to ensure the language we use is relevant and inclusive to all students and they feel they can be involved no matter what year of study or when they arrive. Don’t worry, the vibe is still all about feeling fresh and having an amazing introduction to uni life here!

As part of this, we’re also extending the Welcome period until Week 6 to cater for students arriving later. This will ensure everyone feels welcomed and part of the community, and you have more opportunities to get involved as you settle (back) into life in Exeter.

We want to provide as many opportunities for you to find out about and try out societies, explore what’s on offer and experience as many new things as possible. This is the result of your feedback which told us that the Freshers’ Fair was too overwhelming, and too hard to engage with societies for various reasons.

For Welcome 2023, there won’t be a single fair at the end of the week. Instead, we’re introducing themed days, providing bigger and better experiences for you to see just what different groups have to offer. We’ll be revealing more about this soon!

As always, students will be able to purchase society memberships year-round and we’ll be encouraging students to join societies past the first week of the academic year.

If you’re on a society committee for 2023/24 check your emails for lots more information on how you can get your society involved!

Key Dates

  • Welcome Week: 18 – 22 September
  • Weeks 1-6 (Welcome to Exeter): 25 September – 4 November

Where to find out what’s on:

The Welcome Hub will be your central digital place for everything you need to know before Welcome 2023 begins. From events to student blogs, and ways to make the most of the city, you won’t want to miss it! This is the main place we’ll be telling new and returning students more about what is on offer, including how to join and engage with societies and groups.

  • A teaser Welcome Hub launches for IB Results: 5 July
  • Welcome Hub fully launches for A Level Results: 17 August
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