We’re looking forward to Black History Month

One of our core values is being radically inclusive. This means that we loudly and proudly support our diverse student community so that everybody feels like they belong. This is who we are, and who we want you to be, every week of the year.  

We’re all different – and we want to embrace our diversity. That’s why throughout the year we want to champion particular communities of students and the first of these is Black History Month this October.

We’ve worked with our Black community leaders to create our vision for Black History Month 2023: to empower Exeter’s Black students to exist loudly all year round.

Have you ever looked around your seminar and realised yours is the only Black face? Do you sometimes feel like you have to work harder than everyone else in an education system which historically excluded People of Colour?  

That’s why this matters to us. Everyone – no matter their race or ethnicity – has the right to thrive at Exeter.  

We’re partnering with our Black student communities to organise a fantastic programme of events for Black History Month 2023. From food to crafts, and networking and discussions – there’s going to be something for everyone.  

We want everyone to be involved in Black History Month – to join together to celebrate, learn, and work together for a fairer and more just society.  

Our Black students matter. Black education matters. Black lives matter.  

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