Term 1 Roundup: What we’ve been working on for you!

Term one was a whirlwind and we hope you enjoyed it!

At the start of term one, we asked you to tell us what sort of things you wanted us to be working on for you, to make your Exeter experience better.

In November, we announced your priorities, and now we can give you an update on our progress so far.

Head to our Priorities page for more information on projects which are still ongoing, and what’s coming up.


Health and Wellbeing

  • Delivered a day of activities to promote wellbeing as part of World Mental Health day
  • Continued our successful wellbeing cupboard which stocks wellbeing products that are available for all students at no cost
  • Supported 257 number of students through our Advice team
  • Continued weekly visits from Ted one of the Pets as Therapy dogs
  • Planned educational talks on Men’s mental health as part of the Movember campaign


Job Prospects

·      Incorporated a permanent section in our all-student emails with the latest student jobs and opportunities

·      Recruited 92 student staff

·      Held training and networking events for our 600+ Academic Reps

·      Organised and delivered our first Creative Industry Night which was an opportunity for students to hear from and network with Creative professionals.

·      Supported 2,053 Society Committee members to boost skills and employability.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

·       Delivered a programme of events and activities in collaboration with students and societies to celebrate Black History Month and Disability History Month

·       Launched a Gender Expression fund which provides funds to students to purchase gender affirming items.

·       Launched an International Student research project to gain insight into their experience.

·       Staff and Officers attended Active bystander training.


We’ll be asking you at the start of term 2 if these are still the actions you want us to be working on and anything else we can be doing to help you love Exeter.  


Living Costs

  • A Feed your Flat event where we gave out enough food to feed 1000 students.
  • £10,000 worth of free music lessons allocated to students.
  • Paid £29,729 to our student staff.
  • £661 given out to students as part of our Society Hardship Fund
  • 55 free events with GIAG
  • Incorporated free food/drinks into 16 events
  • Provided free items for students in Guild reception- including lanyards, highlighters, pens, fidget toys and more.


Campaigns, Initiatives and Activism

·      Organised sign making and a walking group to the Reclaim the Night march to raise awareness of gender-based violence.

·      Sent a monthly communities mailer to share events and opportunities.

·      Provided free period products in toilets around campus.

·      Hosted 3 Flatmate Finder events for students to meet others looking for housing.

·      Supported a number of student protests through risk assessments and safety provisions.

·      Held 2 NUS Big Conversations to gather student views to take to NUS national discussions.


Events and Activities

·      Revised our approach to Welcome to make it amore inclusive experience.

·      Weekly 'What’s On’ screens and social media posts to ensure students are informed with the events we have on

·      Fortnightly event round-ups in all-student emails

·      Held a student focus group to inform our approach to Guild Awards

·      Took over 450 students to the annual Tar Barrels event.

·      Held trials and recruited the Exeter University Challenge team.

·      Organised 64 events as part of our Give it a Go programme.

·      Worked with our Guild Advisory Board to review our events approach.

So, what's coming up in Term two? 

We're excited to welcome you back with a week of activities including a fair, future societies fair, society demos and plenty of Give it a Go events

You can tell us your priorities for term 2, and what you want us to continue working on

Elections are coming up soon and we'll be announcing your candidates later in January

Societies and groups are planning a 4 day cultural festival in March

We'll be celebrating your incredible achievements at our annual Guild Awards

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