Teaching Awards 2024: Nominations now open!

Welcome to the Teaching Awards season 2024! This is the time we celebrate the amazing staff members who go above and beyond to ensure students have an exceptional experience at Exeter.

Whether it’s a lecturer who inspires and engages you through their innovative approach to teaching, a lab technician or teaching administrator who helps to make your time at Exeter great, a wellbeing team member whose guidance and concern for your welfare has been exceptional, a postgraduate teaching associate who has inspired you, or anyone who has gone the extra mile to help you reach your full potential, we want to hear from you!

Nominations are open to all students at the University of Exeter, whether in Exeter, Cornwall, or studying at a distance. You will need to login to your University IT account to access the form. Nominations close at 08:00 Monday 8 April.

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Fairer Society Award

This award recognises a member of staff who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to social justice. The winner will be leading the way towards creating a fair and inclusive society by embedding a culture of respect and equity in their teaching and research.

Greener World Award

This award recognises a member of staff who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainability. The winner will be encouraging meaningful action towards sustainable development, and embedding understanding of the impact of the climate emergency and ecological crisis throughout their teaching and research.

Healthier Community Award

This award recognises a member of staff who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to student wellbeing. The winner will have given extra effort to support you, your studies, and your welfare by ensuring they understand the different challenges you and your fellow students face.

Accessible Education Award

This award recognises a member of staff who continuously works hard to ensure that the curriculum and their teaching is inclusive and accessible for all students. Examples could include any of the following: a range of resources being used; providing information in a range of formats; inclusive teaching practices and using accessible language; including equality and diversity teaching in the curriculum.

Inspirational Teaching Award

This award recognises a member of staff whose course content and delivery inspires students to actively engage in their learning through creative methods which make their teaching innovative and different. Examples could include any of the following: using their own research to develop course content; use of unique resources; using creative methods of assessment and monitoring to support student progress.

Supervisor of the Year

The Dissertation, Project or Thesis supervisor who has provided great inspiration, support and guidance to students undertaking academic research at any level. The winner will be an expert in their field who is attentive to detail, generous with time, and prompt with feedback. They will provide assistance with planning, process, and research, and are capable of using their own experiences as a researcher to support and encourage their students.

Educator of the Year

The Lecturer, Tutor, Seminar Leader or Postgraduate who offers a tailored approach to teaching, assessment and feedback. The winner will actively engage their students during lectures and seminars by teaching in an interesting and effective way. They will be a passionate orator who is sensitive to students’ needs, and will provide clear, constructive and easy-to-understand individual feedback on assessments with the opportunity to follow up afterwards.

Course of the Year

A degree programme or individual module whose staff work collectively to provide an outstanding student experience for those studying it, including effective use of student feedback to improve the teaching of the programme itself. They may engage students in curriculum design and teaching, put on additional activities and opportunities for skills development, and encourage students to take ownership of their learning experience.

Student Partnership Champion

A member of University staff who is approachable and personable, and is always willing to promote co-creation and student involvement in education. The winner will help promote students’ voices and encourage student engagement with curriculum design and delivery, and empower students to engage in additional opportunities.

Academic Excellence Award

A member of staff who excels in all areas with a student-centred approach to teaching and/or supervision. They should have made a positive impact on your overall academic experience, engaging students in their learning or research and encouraging a passion for the subject, whilst also demonstrating their own passion and depth of knowledge.


Nominate Staff Member

What we're looking for in nominations:

Activity – something that was actively done by the member of staff, for example:

  • A different or innovative approach, set out in some detail
  • Obvious care and effort or attention to detail
  • “they set up additional drop-ins to help students who were struggling with the content”

Outcome – something that was felt or experienced by you, for example:

  • Better grades than your average attainment
  • “not dropping out” or some other positive impact which made your time better
  • “looked forward to 8:30 lectures instead of dreading them”
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