6 reasons why you should join a society committee

My name is Remie and I’m currently a second-year international student pursuing a Psychology BSc degree and as an event organiser of the Multicultural society, (hopefully) by the end of the blog I’ll have convinced you to join the committee or a society as well.

In the bustling life of a student having to juggle your academics, social life and future career prospects, the idea of joining a society committee might seem like a luxury of time one cannot afford. However, the benefits of taking on such a role extends far beyond the immediate social perks, weaving into both your personal and professional development. Here are my key reasons for why you should consider joining a society committee throughout your time here at the University of Exeter.

1. Gain/ improve transferable skills

One of the most tangible benefits of joining a society committee is the opportunity to develop transferable skills which will improve you as a person but also make you stand out to employers. When you're actively involved in a committee, you're not just a member of a group; you're apart of a team that requires effective communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, and conflict resolution skills to succeed. These aren't just buzzwords on a job description; they're essential capabilities that you'll develop and hone through real-world experiences.

2. Help improve the experience of university for others

For me being an international student who struggled to find her people during first year, knowing that I now actively contribute to this safe space for other multicultural students like me is such a rewarding and wholesome feeling. In this role so far, I've had the opportunity to directly impact the university experience for others, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and inclusivity is the norm. It's about creating events, support networks, and platforms where other students can share their cultures, ideas, and experiences.

3. Meeting new people

Being part of a society committee opens numerous networking opportunities. You'll interact with faculty, professionals in your field of interest, and students from various backgrounds. These connections can be instrumental in your future career, offering insights into the industry, potential job opportunities, and valuable mentorships. On a more personal level the people I have met through this society have grown into best friends that now make up the bubble that makes me feel welcomed in Exeter.

4. Shape the direction of the society

One of my personal favourite things about being a committee member of the Multicultural society is getting to influence decisions, introduce new ideas and steer the society towards a direction that I feel reflects the members’ interests and values. Being a member of the committee team will allow you to ensure that the society remains dynamic, relevant and aligns with your what you believe reflects a good society. If there was anything you felt was missing while you were a member, there is no better time to implement it than when you have the power to do so.

5. Flexible and gives you a sense of autonomy

The role will invite you to shape your experience according to your own vision and schedule. Communicating with your fellow committee members will allow you to design a system with flexibility at its core, adapting seamlessly to your existing commitment and lifestyle. Thus, granting you the autonomy to decide, how, when and in what capacity you will contribute.

6. Because why not?

I guess the last convincing factor I have for you is asking why not? If you’re already a part of a society that you love and care about, why not take that passion a step further and try something new. The pride and feeling of accomplishment I get after hosting a successful event is unmatched and whilst I can’t speak for other people in the same position as me, I can semi guarantee that 99% of the people in committee positions would not give it up for the world. For more information about the societies, we have available at Exeter and joining a committee visit

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