NUS Elections: The Results

Following the close of elections on Friday 25 Nov, we are pleased to announce the results for the NUS National Delegate Elections and the outcome of the random selection process of our NUS Liberation Conference Delegation.  

There was a total of 184 first preference votes cast across 13 candidates. 

National Delegates

Ed Barradell

Jakob Habsburg

Emma De Saram

Alex Stanley

Izzie Dyer

Martha Shepard

Jack Liversedge

Joshua Smith

 They will be joined by Exeter Guild President, Lily Margaroli, who goes to NUS National Conference in her capacity as NUS President and identifies as a Women and as such takes our delegation to quota. 

Liberation Delegates

Black Delegate: Hamza Khan

Black Women Delegate: Sarah Gadalla

Disabled Delegate: Ed Barradell

LGBTQ+ Delegate: Emma De Saram

Trans Delegate: Eliza McCubbin

Women Delegate: Izzie Dyer

All Liberation Delegates represent their liberation community at Liberation Conference but are encouraged to attend any sessions for which they identify (even if they are not specifically there as that liberation delegate). 

Due to NUS policy, half of our National Conference delegation is required to identify as women. As a result, one candidate was unsuccessful in the election due to the gender quota. This was calculated in the count stage where no further candidates who identified as Women could be elected to meet our quota requirements. This had no further impact on the election as this candidates' transfers were discounted at this stage.

Congratulations to those elected and selected and for those not successful in these elections, well done for being a candidate and please consider being a candidate in our upcoming Leadership Elections. If you are interested in hearing more about our Leadership Elections, make sure that you complete this expression of interest to be the first to hear about the Leadership Elections 2023. 

Find out more about National Delegates and Liberation Delegates.

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