Info on the £400 energy discount

Every household is eligible for the £400 non-repayable discount over winter 2022 to 2023. Discounts are applied to your monthly electric bill, this is for 6 months starting from October 2022.  

You will get: £66 in October and November, and £67 in December, January, February and March.

All the guidance can be found on the Government website. If you have any other issues or concerned about the cost of living then please contact the Advice team at . Or book an appointment to talk to an advisor.   Advisors are here to help you, please reach out as soon as possible if you are worried or struggling.

Here are some FAQ’s to help understand your rights and eligibility for the energy support:

My rent includes utilities, do I get any discount to my rent?

Your landlord may charge an ‘all inclusive’ rent, where a fixed cost for energy usage is included in your rental charges, in which case:

  • they are encouraged to come to an agreement with you on the discount in line with the arrangement in your tenancy agreement
  • the landlord’s fixed charge may already provide you with similar protection from the impact of the energy price increase

I am a first year in University halls or Private Student accommodation does this apply to me?

No, your bills are covered within your rent. This funding is for domestic households only.

I have changed my provider recently do I still get the discount?

Yes, you will still get the discount if you change suppliers. If your circumstances change in any other way then you may still be eligible. See the full list here.

I have a prepayment meter, can I still get the discount?

Yes, the discount is given on the first week of each month. You will receive either a voucher via text, email or post. Or automatic credit will be applied when you top up. You provider will let you know in advance to inform you how the discount will be applied.

I have been asked for my bank details so the discount can be applied what do I do?

Never give out your bank details. This scheme is automatically applied. Please report and suspicious messages. Or contact for support.

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