How to have the best night out in Exeter

Exeter is a small city, but it’s still got plenty of bars, pubs and clubs if you’re looking for a decent night out. Most of these places will be on/just off the main high street, so it’s usually fairly easy to find your way to and from town. I’ve included brief descriptions of some of the most popular places in town- you can decide yourself if they are worth the hype! My personal favourites are a drink in the Impy, a pub quiz in the Old Firehouse, and indie night at Cavern!

Clubs in town include Timepiece (TP), Fever, Unit 1, Cavern, Move and Vaults. Some things to know about these:

Cavern is underground and often crowded- if you want more space then TP also has a big outside area with tables and food where you can sit and chat rather than ‘club’.

I would also recommend trying some bars such as Revolution (Revs),where there is still a dance floor but also tables where you can sit and have a drink if you don’t feel like clubbing!

Unit 1 is basically one big room, so it’s slightly easier not to get lost in the club, but you won’t get a choice of music between rooms! It’s also just off Sidwell street- so a bit further from the city centre, but a bit closer to Streatham and popular student housing areas in Pennsylvania/St James.

Prices – Exeter is an expensive place, but there are still ways to have a safe and affordable night out. If you’re in TP, make sure you keep hold of your cup, as there is a holding deposit for them! If you’re looking for cheaper places to have a drink, there are also 3 Wetherspoons in central Exeter, and all of them are (actually!) pretty good.

If you’re looking for more of a chilled night, there are loads of great pubs- some favourites are the Topsham Taproom (a cool brewery down by the quay), the Old Firehouse (open very late and do lots of great live music), and of course the Ram Bar on campus! There are also loads of cool music events at the Phoenix and you’ll always be able to find a good pub quiz.

Whether your nights take you to a batty bingo or a chilled night in the board game café, make sure you are safe and try to enjoy everything you can during your time in Exeter.

Now, here are some more specific safety tips for nights out in Exeter, and some things to know about drinking, clubbing, or going out late in your new city.

Getting home from nights out:

Plenty of places open until late. To make sure you get home safely, we recommend:  

Walk home with friends- try to avoid walking home alone, and when you are walking, stick to the better lit, main routes from the city to where you live.

Get a taxi or public transport – The Uni night bus runs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during term time. Buses run between 21:00 - 04:00. Check the timetable.

If you’re worried or you need any help, you can also visit Exeter’s Safe Space. This is run by volunteers and is a place in the city centre you can go to get any medical assistance, support or just grab a bottle of water and have a chat! You can find it opposite Urban Outfitters on the High Street, open 23:00 – 03:30 on Wednesdays (during term time) and Friday and Saturday nights.

If you don’t have any money on you, Apple Taxis do a scheme where you can paythrough the uni later. Book your Apple taxi to ‘Estate Patrol’ at Northcote House on Campus and Estate patrol will pay for your taxi and charge you at a later date, and after that the driver will take you home!

More tips for your nights out

Make sure your nights out are memorable for the right reasons! Here are some of my tips to make sure your nights out go smoothly:

  • Set up a group chat before you head out – this is a great way to keep everyone in the loop about where you are throughout the night (and to share photos!)
  • Be aware of drink and needle spiking – over the past year incidences of drink and needle spiking have occurred across the UK. You can get spikeys to protect your drink whilst you’re out, and remember to never leave your drink unattended, or accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
  • Estate Patrol are here to help – if you need a hand getting home, or you’ve locked yourself out, Estate Patrol can help! You can call them 24 hours a day, the number is on the back of your UniCard.
  • Make sure your phone has enough battery to last the night! - it might sound simple but ensure you don’t run out of battery or keep a power pack on you just in case.


Enjoy exploring Exeter! We're also hosting some nights in Devonshire House if you're looking for a more chilled vibe.

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