Sex Work


Sex work is the sale the provision of sexual services for money or goods and can include (but is not limited to) escorting, lap dancing, stripping, pole dancing, pornography, webcaming, adult modelling, phone sex, and selling sex.

Sex work is not illegal in the UK but sex workers can be subject to laws that make it harder for them to work safely, as well as harassment, victimisation and discrimination. All of which means that sex workers will often be unwilling to disclose their status, and “outing” a sex worker – letting people know about their status without their consent, can be extremely dangerous. 

Check out this video 'To survive to live' It details sex work from different perspectives. 

Our priority will always be the safety and wellbeing of every student in our community. We are committed to providing a non-judgemental, open, and safe setting for all students to access support, advice, and help. This priority and commitment, of course, includes student sex workers.

Your rights as a sex worker

The English Collective of Prostitutes has produced a guide to sex workers’ legal rights, including rights against deportation.

SAAFE– has information on sexual health, business, wellbeing, law, and what you can expect from clients

What we can do for you if you are a sex worker

We recognise that financial hardship is not the only reason people consider sex work, but if you are struggling and considering sex work due to this, do contact us and we can talk through some other options for you.

The University has the Success for all fund which the Advice service can help you apply for or you can do this directly yourself. If you would like wellbeing support the wellbeing team is also there for you.

We want all our students to feel safe and supported and you will receive confidential, non judgemental support from us. 

Screening & Safety

The Ugly Mugs Scheme – this allows you to receive warnings about dangerous individuals and check numbers against a database of people who have been reported as dangerous. The scheme can also help you report these people to the police anonymously.

Support and Advice for Escorts forum  – is a forum where sex workers can discuss their experiences, seek support and get help. You can also search for phone numbers to see if anyone has made complaints about them. To do this, input the number into the search box with an asterisk replacing the last two digits, e.g. 012345678**.


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