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Important information about exam misconduct and mitigation:

Important information about exam misconduct and mitigation:

Turn off your mobile phone and do not keep it with you during the exam. Do not bring in notes unless you have been told that you are allowed to beforehand, and do not write on your skin. Do not start writing until you are told to by the invigilator, and stop writing when the invigilator says to. Do not use correction fluid or tapes. Do not bring smart watches, or other such electronics into the exam

Make sure you take breaks between study – do some exercise, get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of water. It is often productive to study with friends and colleagues – support and help each other! If you are having stress-related issues, or have questions about mitigation, please come and see us in the Advice Service, or contact advice@exeterguild.com our information is available at exeterguild.com/advice.

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