Depending on the type of contract you have signed with your landlord, they may have a responsibility to carry out certain types of repairs. In the first instance, if you need repairs doing you should report this to your landlord as soon as possible. We would always recommend to put this request in writing, as well as speaking to the landlord, as you can use any email or text correspondence as evidence further down the line if necessary.

If you believe your landlord is not fulfilling their obligations, you can take action. If the lack of repair work is affecting your health or safety, you can contact the Council’s Private Rented Sector department, who may be able to come out and examine the issues. They have the power to order the landlord to carry out repairs, or in extreme cases, carry out the work themselves and bill the landlord.

Damp and mould problems can sometimes be the responsibility of the landlord, depending on the cause of the problem. This factsheet from Exeter Council explains what steps you can take to deal with the problem yourself or via your landlord. If you believe the landlord has a responsibility to sort out the problem, you should proceed in the same way as with other repairs above.

If you would like any further advice or support on any housing issues, then you can contact the Guild Advice Unit (link to contact details page).

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