eXpense365 Finance App


A Guide To: 

  • Claiming back expenses quickly and easily
  • Viewing your society/group’s current balance and recent transactions without having to wait for it to be emailed through

What is the eXpense365 app used for?

The eXpenses 365 app has been designed and introduced to societies and groups to make the everyday financial processes for societies and groups much easier and faster to complete. By using the app, you will be able to claim back your expenses quicker, check your society account balance with the click of a button, and view society transactions. If you are a President or a Treasurer, you will be empowered to authorise or decline expense claims, again with the touch of a button.
The app is aimed to reduce the amount of paperwork that a society/group member has to complete in order to claim money back and so on, and make all of the essential processes much faster and smoother.

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