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Apply for Welcome Team 2019!

Welcome Team 2020 Application Form - Team LEADER 

Thank you for showing interest in taking part in Welcome Team 2020. Please ensure you have read all sections of the Welcome Team website before completing this form, and are aware of the roles and responsibilities of Welcome Team members. 

I have read and understood all sections of the Welcome Team website, understand the roles within Welcome Team and are aware of the responsibility I will have as a member of Welcome Team. 


Personal Information


Student Number

University Email Address

Contact Phone Number



Supporting Information

What has been your experience with Welcome Team before?

Have you volunteered before/do you remember them from your Freshers' Week?

Why do you want to be a part of Welcome Team 2019?

Do you have any particular skills or experience that you think would be useful as a volunteer?

Please try to relate any previous experience to the roles and responsibilities laid out in the Team Roles page

Do you hold a first aid qualification?





There is a diverse range of roles and responsibilities that all Welcome Team volunteers must be prepared to undertake, however if you would prefer to not undertake any of the following please untick the box. This is NOT a guarantee that you will not be asked to complete these tasks, however, these preferences help us build teams of likeminded individuals. 

Day Shifts 
Night Shifts 

Dietary Requirements

This will be used to inform on campus catering outlets who will be providing food to Welcome Team volunteers during the week. 

Any other requirements?

T-Shirt Size

As part of your role you will receive a pink t-shirt to wear throughout Freshers' Week. Please indicate your preferred size below

Halls Preference

Please select your top three preferences for halls to volunteer at over arrivals weekend. We cannot guarantee that you will be rota'd onto your chosen locations however we will try our best to accommodate everyone's preferences. 

If you've selected other as one of your options please enter your preference below:


Team Leader


Why do you want to be a Team Leader?

Please tell us why you want to go above and beyond being a team member, and take a more central leadership role within Welcome Team. 

What skills and experience do you have that you think would be useful as a Team Leader?

Please try to relate any previous experience to the roles and responsibilities laid out on the Team Roles page. 



Agree and Submit

By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you can attend the compulsory training days the week commencing 7th September as well as Arrivals Weekend (11th- 13th September 2020) and will make yourself available for the majority of shifts you are rota'd onto during Freshers' Week. 

If you have any questions, please email Welcometeam@exeterguild.com.



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