Day Shifts

Day shifts on Welcome Team are some of the most chilled times I have had as part of any voluntary team. The shifts are so varied that there really is something for everyone to get involved with. During my time on Welcome Team I have been part of a team leading campus tours for new students to show them the best bits of campus. If tours are your thing, we’ve done tours to and from accommodation, supermarkets in town, specific city tours, and even the new Ikea. Tours are a great way to make people feel welcome in Exeter and to share the specific knowledge we all wish we had known when we started. One of my fondest memories was running a tour from Point Exe to campus when a group of around forty students dressed as pirates came running through, only at University. 

What else do we do on dayshifts? We have done excursions to neighboring areas, with me being lucky enough to be part of a team heading down to Exmouth with a group of new students and enjoy the sun. We did a fancy-dress shopping tour before the first Wednesday round of socials, bounced around the Forum on space hoppers offering help, and played ask me anything ping pong in Birks with my team. 

If the look of night shifts makes you slightly concerned about Welcome Team then do not worry; day shifts are the perfect antidote and are much more approachable. They can be great fun and allow you to spend time with new people and your friends all at the same time. They are totally flexible as well, so you can do as much or as little as you can. I have been on a committee twice while doing Welcome Team and have managed to balance these commitments with no issues at all.  

I am gutted I cannot do Welcome Team again now I have graduated, so make sure you sign up before you go as it is so worth while. 

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