Applications for Welcome Team 2020 are open now. Not sure if it’s right for you? Hear directly from a previous Welcome Team volunteer about their experience:

 Why is Welcome Team so central to my life now? Not sure this blog can really cover all the aspects that sum up ‘Overall Experience’, but I’ll give it a go. Welcome Team is so much more than a group of likeminded volunteers, it is not an exaggeration to argue it is a big family (all of whom wear the same t-shirts, which sounds strange when you think about it). During Freshers’ Week itself, I’ve carried a volunteer up the infamous Cardiac Hill, I’ve watched David Dickinson’s Real Deal outside the Lemon Grove at 3am after the final student had left, and I’ve fallen asleep with my team on a floor of beanbags. This may sound flippant, but the notion of family is so key to Welcome Team. When I ran for Sabb I had an army of Welcome Team volunteers coming out to support me. When a Welcome Team member starred in a student drama production, we flocked in our droves to go and support them. My house are now all double Welcome Team veterans, having been infected by the charm of Welcome Team I banged on about after doing it in my second year. I have met so many amazing people in so many amazing places and from so many amazing backgrounds that I would never have met without Welcome Team, and that is the hidden ‘Overall Experience’ I am most grateful for.  

Another aspect I want to draw attention which is so often forgotten with the ‘Overall Experience’ is the impact it can have on you as a person. Before I did Welcome Team, I was far from an engaged student; I did not know what the Guild was, I did not engage with many societies and I did not know many people beyond my flat and course mates. Welcome Team has given me the confidence to stand in three Sabbatical Elections, including for Guild President which was something I would not have dreamed of beforehand, be on a society committee, get involved in many societies and student groups, and done things away from University I would never have had the confidence to do so before. It may sound selfish to talk about what Welcome Team has done for me personally, but it is true, and I think the empowerment the Team can give you should be shouted from the rooftops.  

Welcome Team can change your experience here in Exeter in so many ways; you’ll make friends for life, do things you never thought you have had the confidence to do, and feel empowered to push onto new heights. This may sound a tad extreme, but I will stand with my hand on my heart and say that I believe this with every bone in my body. My advice is simple; give Welcome Team a go!  

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