Committee Training

Training sessions for Society Committee Members

Training sessions for Society Committee Members

Society Committee Training

Every week we'll be adding new training sessions for you to work through at your own pace. These sessions are designed to cover everything you need to know as a committee member including the systems and processes you'll use and skills you can develop in your role. We've also linked some resources below which you'll find useful:

Getting Started Checklist
Welcome Letter
Training Information

Week 1 - 8th June

This weeks training will take you through what the Students' Guild is and what we can do for you, the basics you need to know for your committee role and how to be a committee member. You can rewatch our Ask us Anything session from Wednesday 10th June  here

What is the Guild?

This session will introduce you to what the Students' Guild is, why you are an important part of it and how we can support you. Make sure to open the session in full screen. 

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Committee Basics

This session will introduce you to some of the basics of your committee role, focusing on role responsibilities and your society admin area. Make sure to open the session in full screen. 

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Being a Committee Member 

This session will introduce you to how to be a committee member, including setting aims and objectives, working together as a committee and your rights as a volunteer. Make sure to open the session in full screen. 

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Ask Us Anything Session - Wednesday 10th June 


Week 2 - 15th June 

This weeks training will take you through what being a membership led group means and how you can run your society online. 

Being a Membership Led Group

This session will introduce you to what being a membership led group means, how you can ensure your group is membership lead and how to be a representative.


Running your Society Online 

This session will introduce you to how to run your society online, how to run online events, the platforms you can use and how to create online content. 

Week 3 - 22nd June 

This weeks training will take you through the ins and outs of publicising your society and your events and how to address and resolve conflict. We'll also be running another Ask Us Anything Session this week at 2pm on Wednesday 24th June. You can join the live session here.

Publicity and Marketing

This session will introduce you to how to create a society brand, the ways you can advertise your society and events and the policies you need to be aware of relating to marketing.


Conflict Resolution

This session introduce you to conflict resolution and how to address conflict within your society. It will help you anticipate areas of conflict and prevent them from escalating. 


Ask us Anything - 24th June

Week 4 - 29th June 

It's the Student Opportunities Festival this week! The festival is hosted by Organised Fun in collaboration with the Student Volunteering Network, National Student Fundraising Association, Student Publication Association, National Student Television Association and the Student Radio Association.  The festival runs from 29th June to the 5th July. We've included below some of the sessions we recommend:

Making sense of allyship - 29th June 16:00 - 17:00

It’s OK that we have privilege; what are we going to do with it? The concept of allyship is on lots of people’s minds right now; how to help elevate minority voices without making the issues around race, gender, sexuality, disability, class or age about you. Understanding that there is an increasing demand to learn more and to use their privilege to help others, this session is for those of you who are new to your sense of privilege and trying to make sense of how you can help, without feeling like you're doing it wrong. If you want to have a conversation about what it means to be an ally, I’d be happy to help.

Hosted by: Organised Fun

Presented by:

Lou Chiu - Lou is a culture and relationships coach and consultant who helps cultivate individual and cultural wellness. She uses a combination of lived personal and professional experiences, academic curiosity and values-led drive to help younger businesses and not-for-profits (including students' unions!) untangle existing complications in the workplace, manage conflict between personal and professional spaces, and translate the different languages that are used in relationships at work, at home and with stakeholders.

Learning from the past, facilitating your committee handover - 1st July 17:00 - 18:00

The handover of knowledge from the outgoing to the incoming committee is key to learn from past mistakes and make your year as successful as possible. Find out how to facilitate this handover of knowledge and experience to ensure you make the most of your year.

 Hosted by: National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA)

Presented by:

Calum Coker - Public Fundraising Officer at Action Against Hunger and Trustee of Charlton Athletic Community Trust

101 Online Event Ideas - 4th July 15:00 - 16:00

The likelihood is that we will need to prioritise running activities and events online this Autumn, and possibly right through until Spring. Online events and activities don't have to be boring. They can be interactive, fun and interesting. This session will give you *loads* of event ideas and share some top tips for making your online activities engaging.

Hosted by: Organised Fun

Presented by:

Rosie Hunnam - Founder & Lead Consultant @ Organised Fun, the home for Student Opportunities in the UK.

As a student she was President of History Society, involved in RAG, badminton, dance society, politics society and did a bit of community volunteering. She’s now a Trustee at Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union and Vice-Chair of the local skatepark committee.

Week 5 - 6th July 

This weeks training will take you through the first part of our group finances session, looking at your society account, financial responsibility and how VAT affects your group. We're running another  Ask us Anything session on Wednesday 8th July 2-2:30pm, you can join the Teams Meeting  hereThis is your chance to ask us any questions you have! We're also running a workshop on writing a successful grant application on Thursday 9th July at 2pm, you can join the Session here.

Group Finances 1: Account and Responsibilities

This session will introduce you to your society account, your financial responsibilities and what VAT is. 

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Week 6 - 13th July *COMING SOON*

Week 7 - 20th July *COMING SOON*

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