Society Awards

Nominate societies and committees for an award at the Big Society Blowout

Nominations for Society Awards have now closed. Awards have been voted for by Societies Council and will be presented at the Big Society Blowout on 21st March. 

If you're a society committee member, don't forget to check your email invitation and RSVP!

Have a look at the shortlisted candidates here!

Outstanding President: 

Alex Dobbyn - Enactus
Anna Markman - First Aid Society
Anna McCutcheon - Body Society
Olubukola Oluseye - NOOMA
Jack Watts - Contemporary Choir
James Murphy - Exeter University Theatre Company
Nasara Al-Hassan - African Caribbean Society
Oliver Weaver - West Country Society
Ross Castle - Expedition Society
Sophia Pinto - Campus Cinema

Outstanding Contribution to Committee:

Abigail Yee - Dodgeball Society
Chris Allen - Campus Cinema
Ella French - Medical Society
Emma Jones - Ballroom, Latin and Salsa Society
Gina Rees - Shotgun
Isha Gurung - XPressionFM
Joshua Tan - Slow Food on Campus
Nikhil Bolton-Patel - Footlights
Sam Leedham - Muay Thai
Sorrel Pompert Robertson - TravelExe

Outstanding Contribution to Equality and Diversity:

Almaz Akainyah - Feminist Society
Nasara Al-Hassan - African Caribbean Society

Best new event:

Jawbreaker - Theatre With Teeth
The Marriage of Figaro - Opera Society
Nightlive - XPressionFM
Restart a Heart - First Aid Society

Best repeat event:

Bring Your Own Boy - Body Society
Exeter Does Strictly Come Dancing - Ballroom, Latin and Salsa Society
Women of Colour Poetry Night - Feminist Society
24 Hours Live - XPressionFM

Best collaborative event:

Collaboration at the RAMM - World Music Choir and Breakdance Society
ExTunes Variety Show
Student Elections Week - XPressionFM and XTV
Women of Colour Poetry Night - Feminist Society

Biggest community impact:

Biosmart - Enactus
Lighthouse - Enactus
Silent Protest - Amnesty International Society

Best fundraiser:

Big Clothes Swap - Amnesty International Society
Charity Classes - Body Society
Exeter Charity Week - Islamic Society

Best New Society:

Contemporary Choir
Dodgeball Club
Opera Society
Taylor Swift Society
West Country Society

Society of the Year:

Body Society
African-Caribbean Society
Campus Cinema
Comedy Society
Entrepreneurs Society
Erasmus Society
Physics Society
Postgraduate Society
Big Band
First Aid Society
Muay Thai
Soul Choir


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