How to apply

New Society Application Form

**Affiliation applications are now CLOSED until Term 1 2020-21. If you're interested in starting a society, take this time to look through the form and develop your ideas. We will be advertising on this page when applications are open again.**

Before you complete this form, make sure you have read the Affiliation Guidelines and understand the application process. 


Please fill in every section in full, even if you think you have already answered it at another point in the application.

If you'd like any help or advice about your application, you can speak to your Societies Officer or contact Activities. 

Society Name

Society Forum (Category)

Tell us about your society (Limit: 200 words)
This will act as a summary to get people register their interest for your society, so make sure it includes everything you want them to know!

What are your society's aims and objectives? (Limit: 25 words each)
Consider the main things you want your society to achieve and the types of activities you want to do.

Aim/Objective 1

Aim/Objective 2

Aim/Objective 3

Please provide a plan of activities/events/socials for a standard term. If you are already active but not Guild-affiliated, tell us about what activities/events you have already been doing.

Please provide a plan of online activities/events/socials which clearly show how you will adapt your society idea to be completely digital if it is not possible to run events in person. This should include a plan for a virtual taster session for Freshers' Week.

What are your society's committee roles? Who is filling them?

You must have a President, Treasurer and 1 other person in a role to be a society. You can then have as many people in additional roles as you would like. If you want to have some specific roles but don’t have anyone to fill them yet, then just list the role titles.

Your Email

Name: University Email:

Student Number:

Name:University Email:Student Number:

Role 3:
Role title:

Role description (not complusory if the role is self-explanatory):Name:University Email:Student Number:Role 4:
Role title:Role description (not complusory if the role is self-explanatory):


University Email:

Student Number:

Role 5:
Role title:Role description (not complusory if the role is self-explanatory):Name:University Email:Student Number:Additional roles:
For any other committee roles, please provide the same information as as above (role title, description, name, university email and student number).

How are you different to other societies? What other societies might you be similar to and how do your aims and objectives differ? (Limit: 100 words)

How much is your membership fee (for a normal year)?

How much would your Term 1 membership fee be if all activity had to be run digitally for this term?

What income do you expect for your society in a normal year?
You don't have to complete all boxes, but it's important you think carefully and include as much detail as you can about the money your society will need to spend and how you will raise this

Membership (estimated amount, details):Sponsorship (estimated amount, details):

Income from providing services (estimated amount, details):

Event profit (estimated amount, details):

Donations (estimated amount, details):

Other (estimated amount, details):

What expenditure do you expect in a normal year?
Subsidising socials (estimated amount, details):

Event losses (estimated amount, details):Marketing (estimated amount, details):Materials/equipment (estimated amount, details):Other running costs (estimated amount, details):Music and Theatre and Performance Societies Only:

My society would need access to music equipment and specialist music spaces (Kay House and Cornwall House Ensemble Room) in order to be able to run 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your society? (Limit: 200 words)


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