The Process

What happens next?

**Affiliation applications are now CLOSED until Term 1 2020-21. If you're interested in starting a society, take this time to look through the form and develop your ideas. We will be advertising on this page when applications are open again.**


Please make sure you have read the Affiliation Guidelines on this page so that you understand the process before you apply.
The application form to start a new society can be found here.
If you want to bring back a society which has gone dormant in the last 2 years, check out Save Our Societies
If you have any other questions about the affiliation process, you can contact DVP Societies or Activities.


Affiliation Guidelines

Societies should: 
  • Draw like minded people together to follow shared interests 

  • Allow members activities and resources that individuals may not otherwise be able to obtain 

  • Be a flagship organisation for the Students' Guild and University, with its members becoming ambassadors for both

  • Work in harmony with other societies and student groups, the Students' Guild and University 

Proposed societies can only be affiliated if the following conditions are met: 
  1. The Society Affiliation Form must be filled in correctly and in full. 

  1. At least 25 students have registered an interest in the proposed society. 

  1. No student society already exists with the same or very similar aims and objectives. 

  1. The proposed group's objectives do not contravene Students' Guild or University policy 

  1. The proposed group's objectives do not threaten the financial status of the Students' Guild

  1. You must have at least a President and Treasurer in place before sending in your application

Applications that don't meet these baseline criteria will be rejected, although advice will be offered by the Activities team regarding the reason for rejection.

Societies Council may suggest changes to the proposed society, for example adjusting its aims, broadening its remit, or a change of name.

Once a society is recognised it has full status. There is no option to recognise a society for a trial or limited period.

How does the affiliation process work?

Step 1: Apply 

Fill out the New Society Application Form to submit your application. You’ll receive a confirmation email that your application has been received, usually within one working week.

Step 2: Finding Potential Members

One you have submitted your application, it will go up on the Guild website here for people to register if they would be interested in joining. Your application will only be reviewed at this stage for any legal or welfare concerns. As well as it being advertised through Societies Council, we suggest you advertise this as much as you can so that you attract as many people as possible.

The society idea will stay up for 3 weeks and you must have at least 25 people interested in joining to be considered for affiliation. There is no guarantee that a society that reaches 25 interested members will be affiliated, but it is guaranteed to be reviewed by Societies Council. If you are successful in getting affiliated then you will have access to a mailing list of the people who registered interest in your society. 

If your society does not reach the required 25 interested members within three weeks of being displayed, you will be informed via email and your application will not be considered further.

Step 3: Inform

When your society reaches 25 interested members, your application will be sent to Societies Council. You will be informed via email when this has happened.

The Societies Officer for the relevant mini-forum will inform their existing societies about the details of your application. This does not give other societies any decision-making power, but will give all societies a chance to raise feedback and questions which may be useful in Societies' Council's  review of your application. 

Step 4: Review

Societies Council review the application at the next Societies Council meeting after an application has reached 25 votes (unless this happens after the agenda for the next Societies Council meeting has already been set, in which case it will be taken to the meeting after that). Societies Council will send any questions they have for you to answer before they vote on whether to affiliate the society. They will then decide whether or not a proposed society will be affiliated, on behalf of the Guild Council. This will be done by democratic vote, (see Societies Council terms of reference for more information on this).
 All applicants will be notified within one week after discussions take place whether you have been successful.

If your application is not successful, the reasons will be explained to you, and you can arrange to meet with a Societies Officer or an Activities Coordinator to get feedback and discuss re-applying next term.


If you are successful in becoming an affiliated society, The Activities Team will provide you with the information you need. You will be invited to an induction session with an Activities Coordinator to answer any questions you have and train you and your committee about everything you need to know.

You will have access to a mailing list of the people who registered interest for your society, so you can start signing-up members straight away.


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