Society Stash

We know societies love stash! So, we’ve created some resources on all things stash including budgeting, selling and collections! This method is easy for your committee to manage and avoids you collecting personal data from members, which you should be avoiding due to GDPR regulations. To find out more about societies and GDPR, click here.

How to sell stash?

Research your options and decide on a supplier and the items you wish to sell. There are many stash companies both locally and online who can help you design personalised stash for your society. 

Once you've decided on your items and have a quote of the price, you'll need to create a stash budget and submit this to Activities for approval. More information on creating a stash budget is below. 

Once your budget is approved you can then submit a website product request to add your products to your society page on the website for your members to purchase. You can include any kind of customisations you want, including colour, name, size, committee position etc. 

The products will be added to your society page by Activities and will go on sale for the time period requested. Via the reports function in your Society admin area you'll be able to see a record of the purchases there. The money from the sales will go straight into your society account at the end of each month. 

You can download a purchasers report from your admin area with details of all the orders and customisation details. Once you have placed your order, all you need to do is submit the invoice to Guild Reception and we'll pay the company directly from your account. 


Budgeting for stash

Before you can sell stash you need to submit a budget to the Activities Team. When considering the prices you sell your stash for make sure you account for VAT. If you've been quoted an amount minus VAT you'll need to add it on, this can be done by multiplying the figure by 1.2. If it includes VAT, then you can sell your stash at the same price, presuming the company will provide you with a valid VAT invoice so the VAT can be reclaimed. 

For the template for stash budgets, click here

Stash Collections

Once your stash arrives you'll need to arrange a way for purchasers to collect the items! You can either hand them out at a society event or you can book the round desk in DH2 to use as a collection point. Please doe not use tables in DH1 or the Ram to hand out stash, as this can get very busy and causes crowds in these spaces. 

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