Promoting an Event

Methods and tips to promote an event

Methods and tips to promote an event

Tips for promoting your event


To create a really strong brand, make sure your event branding fits with your society branding. This could include using the same logos, fonts and style of graphics or writing. This will make your event easily recognisable to students passing or scrolling by.

Call to Action 

When posting an event on social media, give your audience an action to complete, such as following a link for more information or signposting to ticket sales. This encourages members to engage with your posts rather than just scroll past! This type of directing can also be included on emails and offline media such as posters.


Timing is crucial when marketing your events. You need to start marketing the event as soon as possible, so make sure you submit everything for approval in advance of when you want to start marketing your event. You need to give your members at least a weeks notice, or longer if they need to purchase tickets in order to attend. The longer you have for promotion, the more time you have to adjust your marketing strategy in response to levels of engagement.  


Join up with similar societies! By putting on events with other societies you can not only increase the reach of your events to that of the collaborating societies but it provides the perfect opportunity to network with potential members. This means you can help market your societies collaboratively especially if your target membership is similar and give you access to more resources! 

Social Media 

Social media is an excellent tool you can use to increase your society outreach and can be an effective way of understanding your members. Many societies advertise their events on social media such as Facebook as you can gauge how much an interest your events capture. One thing to remember is that not all your members may use social media, so emailing regular updates is highly recommended. Regular email updates mean that you engage your members and keep them up to date on all your society goings on. It will also regularly remind your members of who your society is and what you are doing! 

The Students’ Guild also has its own social media accounts so make sure to follow these and your event or society update could be shared on their page! Use the co-host option on events to add the Guild or other organisations.

Information Stalls 

Your society can book a stall in the Forum or in the Ram Foyer. A stall is a great way to capture the attention of potential members or event guests when walking to lectures or stopping for lunch. Stalls can be used for many things including ticket sales, society promotion, and event promotion. By having people on your stall who are confident enough to approach people and know your society and its objectives well, you will be able to better capture the attention of passer-by’s and increase the number of people who know about your event and want to attend! 

Sitting behind the table working on your laptop is a great way to get some work done, but doesn't encourage passers-by to want to talk to you. The more interesting you and the stall looks, the better!

Posters and Leaflets 

In the Devonshire House space there are four spaces where your society can put up posters –all you need to do is get a ‘Students’ Guild Approved’ stamp on your posters! Posters are another way to capture attention when people are walking by and by using eye-catching and appealing designs which communicate information clearly you may catch the eye of a passer-by who may not have engaged with your society online or be aware that your society exists and the events you are running. Make sure to check out the Poster Guidelines as well! 


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