Promoting your Society

Methods and tips to promote a society

Methods and tips to promote a society

Tips for promoting your society

Every year societies and student groups are faced with the challenge of recruiting new members. This predominantly takes place in Freshers' Week so it's crucial that you think about how best to engage potential members with your society. 

Society Objectives 

Your society will have aims and objectives which layout the society's purpose and it's goals. Essentially definiting what your society offers it's members. It is crucial that the committee and your members know this, as it forms their expectations of what the society can offer them and the value they can expect from their membership. 

The best way to communicate these aims, is to incorporate this into your society webpage on the Students' Guild website and across your social media, then members can see these when deciding whether to purchase membership. Additionally, you can incorporate this into your overall branding. This way from the start your members know what to expect from your society. 

Target Membership

By identifying your target membership, you can pinpoint who would be interested in your society, the types of events and activities they would be interested in/expect and the types of communication tools they use. This will help determine how best to reach your membership and the most effective ways of engaging with them.

An important first step is to identify who your members are or who they could be. This will shape the types of events you hold and the best methods to promote and advertise your society or group.

  • For example, by considering the costs your members can afford to attend events this means that you can make sure that your events are inclusive to all members and not a select few.
  • If you are an academic society, considering the hobbies or interests of members means you can better tailor the types of events and activities they would be interested in – of course this may be a broad selection however it provides some guidance.

An easy way to gather information on who your target audience is to use a poll or survey – Facebook is a good way of doing this as it allows users to add options and for others to see the answers other members have selected. However, using a survey is an equally good way of gathering this information. By asking your members what their expectations are, what kind of events they would like to attend you can ensure that you are succeeding in achieving this! 


A consistent brand ensures your society is easily recognisable and identifiable by potential members and existing members. 

Many societies design their own society specific logo which they use across all their branding including social media, society webpage, stash, information stalls, events and email communications. By making sure this logo is consistent with what your society represents and by communicating this clearly, you will have an image which students recognise, understand and engage with. The logo and branding you create doesn’t have to be complicated – many great logos are simple and clear! 

By determinging your branding, you can translate the design into any type of publicity whether it be event promo on social media or posters. In doing this you can make your mark and be easily recognisable across campus rather than being lost in the crowd! 

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