We offer a number of ways for your society to advertise, click here to find out more!

We offer a number of ways for your society to advertise, click here to find out more!

Spreading the word about your society and its activities is vital for engaging members and running successful events! We’ve provided the following advertising methods to help you with this!

Advertising on the Guild Website

The Guild website is the easiest place to advertise as it happens pretty much automatically.

1) All events that are submitted appear on the Guild Website under 'What's On' 

2) They will also appear on your society page down the right hand side. 

If you would like extra advertising on the website...

3) Apply for Society Spotlight where you could be featured on the home page! If successful, you will be in the Spotlight for one week on the homepage, in Guild Times and on the Screens. Choose your week wisely as you will have only one chance each year to be Spotlighted

Advertising on Digital Screens

There are a number of screens around DH1, which are available for societies to submit marketing materials to be displayed. All you need to do is make sure the event you are promoting has been approved beforehand and then email in a copy of the material you want on the screens to the Activities Team. 


  • The image you provide will need to be landscape, 1920 x 1080 pixels (50.8cm by 28.6cm)
  • The image will need to be a jpeg or png
  • Please make sure the image is of a high quality
  • The poster policy also applies, so make sure it is compliant.

Screens in INTO

If you would like to advertise your event in the INTO Building, the same rules and specifications apply for your poster, please send your jpeg to and he will put it up for you.

Advertising with Posters
Poster Boards in DH1

Societies can promote their group/events around DH1 on the provided noticeboards. These are solely for society use, all you need to do is get your poster approved by us. Make sure you have a look at the guidelines for posters first!

Notice Boards can be found in the following places: 

  • Next to Comida on the ground floor of DH1 

  • Next to the Sabbatical Office on the ground floor of DH1 

  • Opposite the Sabbatical Office by the iRepair outlet on the ground floor of DH1 

  • Next to Italiano behind the glass cases (the key for this can be accessed via the Front Desk) on the first floor of DH1 

Where you cannot put posters

  • You cannot put posters in any other space in DH1 

  • Posters in the toilet facilities are prohibited. 

  • Posters may not be placed on top of existing posters. 

  • Posters hung outside of the approved boards will be removed and the student group, society or organization may forfeit their poster privileges. 

  • Posters should not exceed A3 size.

Students' Guild's Poster Policy 

If the poster is in regards to an event, the event must have been approved beforehand by the Activities Team. Posters can also promote individual societies without needing an event submission. 

The content of posters must be checked by Guild Reception for the following: 

  • Explicit or distressing imagery and/or words that contravenes The University of Exeter’s Freedom of Speech Policy 

  • That the poster is not promoting an external organisation, unless it’s promoting societies attending. External advertising must go through our Commercial Team – this includes the University. 

  • Posters must clearly identify the society, student group/organisation and/or event sponsor. 

  • Approved posters will carry the ‘Students’ Guild Approved’ stamp. 

Displaying Posters 

  • Leafleting in DH1 is prohibited and will be disposed of by staff. 

  • No more than two copies of a poster may be placed on a notice board and should be promptly removed when information is outdated. 

If you need any marketing materials printed you can use the Students' Guild Print Room.

Advertising on Social Media
Society Social media

Societies are free to set up social media accounts for promoting society events or promoting the society in general. We recommend that you use your address in the account setup to ensure it can be passed onto future committees. 

Social media is an excellent tool you can use to increase your society outreach and can be an effective way of understanding your members. Many societies advertise their events on social media such as Facebook as you can gauge how much an interest your events capture. This is also where branding and consistency becomes important.

The Students’ Guild also has its own social media accounts so make sure to follow these and your event or society update could be shared on their page! The Guild Facebook page can co-host events with you, so add them when you set up the event for a broader reach.

The major types of social media are:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Top tips for using social media

One thing to remember is that not all your members may use social media, so emailing regular updates is highly recommended. Regular email updates mean that you engage your members and keep them up to date on all your society goings on. It will also regularly remind your members of who your society is and what you are doing! 

Every event you are advertising must be approved by Activities, so anything events you add to Facebook must match the event on the Guild website.

Boosting and sharing events is a great way to increase engagement. To reach a massive audience, get your friends to share and say they're interested all in the same day so your event appears on many news feeds. Why not make it a competition to share the event to spread it event further?

Online reputation

Your society's online reputation is very important as social media has such a broad audience. As committee members you should act in an appropriate manner in person and also online. If you have admin access to your society's account, make sure you don't post as the society when you meant to post as yourself and vice versa!

Advertising with Student Media

The Student Media chanels are a great way to promote your event. 

Exepose can advertise your event at half a page or a full page. Email for more information.

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