Leading your Society

A guide to leading your society and supporting your committee

A guide to leading your society and supporting your committee

Leading your society is a huge responsibility and also a great way to gain leadership experience! To help you in your leadership role we’ve provided some resources to help you run your society. 

How to be a Leader

Effective Leadership is crucial in the running of your society and group. Being a student leader can also offer you a wealth of experience and the opportunity to develop crucial skills. The Activities Team are here to support you in your leadership position so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

For more information on the skills essential in being a student leader, see here

Roles and Responsibilities

Being elected into a committee role in a society or student group committee comes with a number of responsibilities. We've provided a detailed description of common committee roles and the responsibilities they hold. These can be edited to be more relevant for your society but can be used as a guide to delegating responisbilities amongst committee members. Click here to see this resource. 


The Guild currently has five priorities: 

  1. Fun,
  2. Voice,
  3. Value,
  4. Supportive,
  5. Inclusive.

Committees are expected to follow these priorities as well, as they are a part of the Students' Guild. We've written a guide to how the strategy relates directly to societies and this can be found here.

Time Management

Time management is incredibly important in running your group. Planning your time effectively will help you to ensure resources are used effectively, and you deliver events and projects on time.


A really useful tool to help with time management is a Gantt Chart. You can use it to plan and schedule tasks visually, and track the progress of an event or project. 

  • Identify all tasks needing to be completed
    •  It is important to identify which tasks are linked (i.e.does one task need to be completed in order for another to be started?)
    • How long will each of these tasks take?
  • Identify when tasks need to be completed by, assign them a start date based on the duration of each task
  • Delegate tasks across your team to ensure that all tasks can be completed on time, and that you are using each person's skills and abilities resourcefully
  • Input each task, its start, and duration into the template
  • You can then track the progress of each task by it's percentage completion during the project. 
Planning your time

It is very important to plan your time effectively. This will help with balancing committee roles with your degree. Plan your year, work out when your degree deadlines are so you will know early on when the stressful points in your year will be. As a committee, you can share roles around these times to aleviate pressure off each other. You can also check the Activities Year Plan to see what needs to be done when so you can plan ahead even more.


Keeping an eye on what you need to do

You may find that there are some actions you need to complete between committee meetings. Writing meeting minutes and keeping an Action Log will help to stay on top of what needs to be done.You can find some templates here

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is an important skill for a leader to have. Conflict can take many forms, with the personal impacting the professional, the professional impacting the personal, conflict between committee members, or between societies. We've created a process for presidents to use to try and resolve conflict informally, this process can be found here.

Supporting your Committee

Juggling committee responsibilities alongside your degree can sometimes be stressful! As the leader of your group we know that your commitee will sometimes look for you for support! We've provided a resource on welfare and support provision for committee members and a resource on volunteer rights to help you with this. To view this resource click here.

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