Guild Partners

Find out about offers for your society from our official partners

Find out about offers for your society from our official partners


There are some occassions when you will be asked to provide security at your event. The Students' Guild uses Tangent Security to provide this - you can book security with Tangent via the following phone number: 01803 311499. 

We expect you to book your security through them unless they are unavailable.

Tech Services 

If you need technical support for your event, Exetech can help you with this. More information can be found here on the services they offer. 

External Contractors 

You will find that the more events you do, the more you work with external contractors for things such as food, venues, security, entertainment, travel, accommodation and printing. 

When working with or booking external contractors you need to make sure you: 

  • Check if the company is reputable. If in doubt, ask other student groups if they have used them or come and speak to anyone in the Activities Team. We can recommend companies to you so if you're unsure please contact us and we can point you in the right direction! 

  • Always check the small print of any contract before sending it into the Activities Team to sign. Some venues, for example, state you must pay 100% of the booking if it is cancelled within 6 months. 

  • Make a note of when the contracts need signing by and when payments need to be made. It can be damaging to both your event and the long term reputation of your group if payments and contracts are late! 

  • Before any contractor works at your event you MUST make sure you have seen a copy of the company’s Public Liability Insurance. This is the insurance that covers the company if any of their equipment causes injury or damage to any person or equipment at your event. In short, the company gets sued, you don’t! 

Recommended partners: 

The Guild have a range of commercial partners who can help you with your society activity. Read more about what they can offer you below.



The Guild have partnered with Dartline as their preferred coach hire service. Whereas coach hire companies’ costs fluctuate throughout the year, Dartline have agreed to keep their costs stable all year round for our students to help you budget for your trips and events. The only changes will be the elements out of their control such as fuel prices. 

Contact them for a quote on   01392 872900


Need some personalised stash? Yazzoo have a dedicated site for Exeter Students where you can get everything you need for your society or event


Looking for bespoke and exciting adventures around the world? Check out the Guilds’ travel partner Invasion. Whether it involves visiting Europe’s hottest cultural sites and cities, volunteering in South Africa, working at an American summer Camp or teaching in Thailand, these unforgettable trips are always the highlight of the year for you and your friends; bringing you all closer together through amazing experiences, the best nights out and the biggest laughs. Head to to check out all they have to offer.

The Student's Guild have partnered with Paperclip, the UK's leading marketplace provider, to create: 

The new platform allows you to buy, sell and swap all your university essentials with other students on campus. Whether you want to sell your old textbooks or buy a new lamp for your room, you’ll can get everything you need in one place. Unlike eBay and Gumtree, our marketplace allows you to make offers to trade up to three of your items, as well as cash. Plus, you can join or create groups where you can buy, sell or request items with like-minded people. Keep an eye out for exclusive deals and discounts from national brands!


Want to play the music you want to hear when you’re in the Ram? Simple, download the free SubTV Playlister app and be in control of the tunes on our screens.


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