Money out of your Society Account

All the way you can pay money out of your society account!

All the way you can pay money out of your society account!

All the ways you can pay money out of your society account!

Paying online or over the phone

If your society needs to pay for something online or over the phone, you can book an appointment with a member of the Activities Team to use a Guild staff credit card.

You will need to have the event approved before making the appointment and have the expenditure authorised by the President or Treasurer if they are not going to be in attendance.

Request an appointment by emailing Activities detailing when you are free, what you are purchasing, and how much it will cost.

As staff credit cards have monthly limits, please check with the company you are paying if they will accept payment via invoice or purchase order before you request a credit card appointment

After your appointment, you need to send copies of all receipts to Activities. 

Paying for something in cash

A financial disclaimer allows you to take out money from your society account in order to complete a purchase. Requests need to be made to the Activities Team, and your event must be approved before requesting the financial disclaimer.

You need to complete a Financial Disclaimer Request form from Guild Reception and send it to the Activities Team at least 4 working days in advance of needing the money.

You will then need to return any left over money and receipts from the amounts spent, within one working week of collecting the disclaimer.

Please note that financial disclaimers will be paid out to you via BACS and will not be available in cash.

Paying a company

If you are needing to pay an external organisation/ company this is done via an invoice. Email the invoice to Activities or bring it to Guild Reception to be processed. 

The invoice will need to contain the following elements in order to be processed:

  • The Students' Guild Address 

  • The address of the person/company requesting payment 

  • If the company is VAT registered, their VAT number 

  • Payment details - account number, sort code and account name 

  • The amount to be paid 

  • A date 

  • A unique invoice number 

A company that is VAT registered must provide a VAT invoice, in order for this VAT to be reclaimed. These invoices can then be submitted to the Activities Team for payment.  

Make sure your event has been approved before submitting an invoice to be paid, or a budget in the case of stash invoices.

Purchase Orders:

Sometimes a company will ask you for a purchase order number instead of providing an invoice. A purchase order number (PO number or G number) is a legal guarantee that your society will pay a supplier a certain amount for a certain product or service. Once you’ve given a PO number to a supplier, you cannot back out of paying them the amount you’ve committed to. PO numbers need to be raised by the Students’ Guild and can be requested from the Activities Team if requested by the company you are purchasing something from.  

You will need the following to request a PO: 

  1. The event to have been approved by the Activities Team 

  2. A quote or email correspondence confirming the amount and company to be paid 

  3. Date the amount is due 

  4. Society name 

All you need to do is give the PO number provided by Activities to the company, who will invoice your society for the money at a later date. We then match this invoice to the purchase order to complete payment.  

Paying another society

Societies cannot invoice other societies. The society who owes the money needs to complete a payment request form and write the society to be paid above the 'Bank Details/Claimant' section.No VAT will be charged on this as it is an internal transfer.

Reimbursing expenses for a member

The eXpense365 app is designed to allow societies, student groups and members to claim back expenses easily, in addition to viewing a live version of your society’s balance and society ledger. This allows you to manage your finances more efficiently. 

Society members can also submit expense claims on the app if they have spent any money for the society and need to be reimbursed.

For a guide for how to use the app, and troubleshooting see here

Reimbursing expenses for a non member

To pay a non-member, you will need to complete a payment request form and attach copies of the receipts to the form. This needs to be signed by the President or Treasurer and then emailed to Activities or handed in to Reception. Non members can also invoice the society.

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