Money into your Society Account

All the ways you can receive money into your society account!

All the ways you can receive money into your society account!

All the ways you can receive money into your society account! 

Receiving Sponsorship
Form Required: Invoice Request

Before signing any agreement with a sponsor, please send over a copy of the contract/agreement to the Activities Team. This is so we can check all the details of the contract to ensure the requirements are fair and compliant. As part of this check, a member of the Activities team will sign the contract on behalf of your society. Committee members must not sign contracts, under any circumstances. We will then email this back to you to send back to the sponsor.  

Once your sponsorship has been agreed, you will need to complete an invoice request form. Don’t forget to include VAT on the request form, as sponsorship is subject to VAT. Please then email this form to the Activities Team for actioning.  

Being Paid for providing a service
Form required: Invoice Request

As your society is financially part of the Guild, any invoices must be raised by the Guild, not by the society. This is a legal requirement and any invoices produced by your society will be invalid.

To request an invoice to be raised on your society’s behalf, all you need to do is complete an invoice request form and email it to the Activities Team.

Remember all income is subject to VAT, so make sure you include this in your request in the relevant section, and that you will receive the amount less the VAT when the invoice is paid.

If the request relates to sponsorship, please make sure you have sent across the contract for approval by the Activities Team before submitting the invoice request.  

Being paid by another society
Form required: Payment request form

Societies cannot invoice other societies. The society who owes the money needs to complete a payment request form and write the society to be paid above the 'Bank Details/Claimant' section.No VAT will be charged on this as it is an internal transfer.

Paying in cash
Form Required: Paying in form

Money can be paid into your society account via the Guild Reception. All you'll need to do is collect a paying in form, complete it and state what the money is for, and then return the form along with the money sorted into denominations. 

Cheques to be paid in must be made out to University of Exeter Students' Guild.

Paying in donations
Form Required: Paying in Form

All donations need to be paid into your society account.

Donations are VAT exempt, so you will not be charged on donated income as long as you provide the relevant paperwork to prove that the money has been donated. This can be a flyer/poster including donation information for the event, an email from a donor, or paying donations in directly from a sealed charity bucket. 

You should pay in your donations as soon as possible after they have been collected. If they have been collected in a charity bucket, you need to return the sealed bucket to Guild Reception.

If you have collected donations which are not in cash, you will need to transfer them into your society's account and email Activities with any relevant paperwork as proof of donation. If you need to pay in a donation, you can email Activities for the Guild bank details.

If you are paying in cash which has been collected in a sealed donations bucket, you must bring the sealed bucket to Reception to be unsealed by a member of staff, and then count the money at Reception. If the bucket is unsealed by your society, you will be taxed on the income.

Transferring money
Form Required: Guild Bank Details

It is possible to bank transfer money to your society account. If you would like to bank transfer an amount, then please get in touch with Activities to request a copy of the Guild bank details.

We will provide you with your society’s cost code, which must be included in the transaction reference. To allow us to allocate the amount transferred to your society as quickly as possible, please make sure to email in to confirm you have transferred the amount, along with any corresponding paperwork.  

Selling tickets or products
Form Required: You can add these to the website yourself!

You can sell tickets for your events online through the Guild website, and on the Guild reception tills. 

This way of taking payments has several advantages, so we would strongly encourage using this system: 

  • You don’t have to handle large amounts of cash 

  • The money is paid into your society account without you needing to do anything 

  • You can access sales reports in your admin area which tell you exactly how many tickets you’ve sold, who has bought them, and any customisations 

  • You can add extra information to your tickets such as meal choices, sizes, terms and conditions, or ask for customisations like names on the back of stash. 

  • What people have chosen shows up automatically on the sales report, so you don’t have to keep track of it yourself.

All you need to do is complete a budget for your event, and once approved add the tickets or products!

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