Information on how the guild processes its memberships for societies

Information on how the guild processes its memberships for societies

How are memberships sold?

All society and group memberships are available online by going to your society's page. Standard society and student group memberships go on sale from 1st August and last until 31st July. 

Memberships can also be bought by cash or card at Guild Reception (located in Devonshire House) during the year.

who sets membership fees?

Societies decide how much to charge for membership. Membership fees (as income) are subject to VAT unless you are a sports/fitness society, so remember that VAT will be deducted before the money is paid into your account. 

Memberships should be good value for money and should be spent during the year on things which benefit all members. You cannot use membership fees for committee benefit.

Membership sales income will reach your society account at the end of each month. 

Changing your membership price

If you would like to change your membership price, add another membership type, or edit the information that appears on the receipt, please submit the form here. If you want to change a membership fee, you need to inform us before the membership type goes on sale:

•Standard Year Memberships: 1st August – 31st July

•Term 1 Memberships: 1st August – End of Term 1

•Term 2 Memberships: End of Term 1 – End of Term 2

•Term 3 Memberships: End of Term 2 – 31st July




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