Advice on ensuring you maximise your donation drive for charitable causes

Advice on ensuring you maximise your donation drive for charitable causes

Another way to fund your society, events or projects is through donations. You can collect donations by holding events such as bake sales, busking, or a pub quiz.  

 More information on fundraising can be found here.

If you are running an event where you are either fundraising for your society or a charity you need to be aware of the following:

Advertising Donations
  • 'Profits': All profit (income minus expenditure) must go to the advertised cause
  • 'Proceeds': All income must go to the advertised cause
  • 'Suggested Donations': Suggested amount to pay, but not a requirement to enter an event/or receive what’s on sale
Collecting Donations
  • Collect donations in a sealed charity bucket, this will need to be labelled with the Students’ Guild’s charity number –1136468, and the Students’ Guild’s and your society’s logo. You can hire charity buckets from Guild Reception for a refundable £5 deposit.

  • Make sure it is clear to donors what the money will be going towards, for the sake of transparency and to encourage people to donate.

Paying In Donations
  • All donations need to be paid into your society account.
  • Donations are VAT exempt, so you will not be charged on donated income as long as you provide the relevant paperwork to prove that the money has been donated. This can be a flyer/poster including donation information for the event, an email from a donor, or paying donations in directly from a sealed charity bucket. 
  • You should pay in your donations as soon as possible after they have been collected. If they have been collected in a charity bucket, you need to return the sealed bucket to Guild Reception.
  • If you have collected donations which are not in cash, you will need to transfer them into your society's account and email Activities with any relevant paperwork as proof of donation. If you need to pay in a donation, you can email Activities for the Guild bank details.


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