Using the app to make claims

How to make a claim on eXpense365

How to make a claim on eXpense365

Creating an expense claim

If you have purchased anything on behalf of your society, you can use the eXpense365 app to easily reclaim this expenditure from your society’s account.

  1. Select the ‘Expenses’ icon. This takes you to the area of the app where you can make a claim.

  2. In the Expenses section of the app, you can see the expense claims you have made, sorted into those paid, those that have been approved and those you have in progress (which have not yet been sent for approval)

  3. To make a new claim you need to select ‘New’ in the top right hand corner. This will take you through to the following screen

    You will then need to select the student group/society which your claim is in relation to. This will only list the societies and groups that you are a member of.

    You can also add a reference to provide some further information as to what the expense is for e.g. stash or marketing materials.

    Next you’ll need to tap the ‘Expenses’ icon at the bottom of the screen, this is where you add the details of each expense you are claiming for.
  4. To add details of the expenses you are claiming, tap ‘New’ in the top right hand corner.

    You will then need to fill in the following screen. Including details:

    a) The ‘Type’ (by clicking on the line you will be a given a list of options to choose from)
    These will be: Accommodation, event costs, marketing costs, other costs, stash, food, stationery and supplies, and travel costs.

    b) A description of the cost e.g. tickets, food for Freshers’ social etc
    The date of when the expense incurred i.e. the date on the receipt
    The gross amount (total including VAT)

    You then need to select ‘Save’ in the top right hand corner
  5. If you need to add anymore claims you can do this by selecting ‘New’.
    Once all expenses being claimed for have been added, you next need to add copies of the receipts. This can be done by selecting the ‘Receipts’ icon in the bottom right hand corner.

  6. To add a receipt, you need to tap ‘New’ in the top right hand corner.

    Next give the receipt a description.

    Then click on the camera icon to add a photo, this can be an existing photo on your device, or you can take one using your device’s camera.

    When adding a photo make sure all aspects of the receipt are visible and clear. It’s also a good idea to take a photo of any receipts you have for society claims so that you always have a record in case any get lost!

    Make sure your receipt shows that the expense has been paid. If you only have an order confirmation, you'll also need to attach a screenshot of the transaction from your bank account to confirm that the payment was processed.

    Once you’ve added a photo click save to add the receipt to the claim. You will need to add a photo of the receipts for each claim.

  7. Once you’ve finished adding the claim and the receipts, you need to return to the first screen by selecting the ‘Claim’ icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

    You will then need to select 'save' before you can submit the claim for approval.

    Once the claim has saved, you’ll need to select the icon on the left hand side of the ‘Save’ button. This will give you three options: to view the claim as a PDF, to submit for approval, and to delete the claim.

    Select ‘Submit for Approval’, this will allow you to choose to submit the claim for approval to either the society/group’s President or Treasurer who will review the claim (N.B. if you are President, the Treasurer will need to approve your claim and vice versa)
  8. Once you have chosen who to submit the claim to, you need to tap ‘Send’ in the top right hand corner.

    You will then return to the original ‘Expenses’ screen where your claim will appear in the ‘In Progress’ tab until it is approved and then paid.
  9. When your claim is approved, you will be notified. If the claim is rejected you will also receive a notification. When you click on the claim it will detail the reason why the claim was rejected.

    If your claim has been rejected you will need to make the necessary amendments, and resubmit the claim for approval.

Deleting claims

If you want to delete one of the individual expenses within a single claim, you can do this by selecting the list icon in the top right hand corner.

You will then get the option to select which expense to delete, by selecting the red delete icon on the left hand side of an expense, you are given an option to delete the claim.

Finally press the red delete square on the right hand side to delete the claim.

To delete a draft claim

By visiting the ‘Expense’ section of the app you can view your claims in progress, approved and paid. If you want to delete any of these claims you can do so by dragging the claim to the left.

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