Approving and Rejecting Claims

How to approve a claim on the app

How to approve a claim on the app

Approving and rejecting claims

If you are the President or Treasurer of your society, you will be responsible for approving the claims for your group.

To view claims pending approval, click on 'Notifications'. Click on the individual notification to view a claim.

You will be met by this screen. This will allow you to view:

  • The expense claim statement
  • Each of the receipts submitted
  • If there is an amendment required – select reject, you will then be able to give a reason why you are not approving the expense.
  • You can also delegate the claim to someone else on the same approval level as you.
  • If everything is fine, you can approve the claim!

what happens next?

Following the President/Treasurer's approval, the claim is submitted to Guild Reception for checking, then signed off by a member of the Activities Team, and finally sent to Finance to be processed.

In any of these stages of approval, the claim may be rejected if certain criteria aren’t met:

  • The event must have been submitted and approved by Activities (if the claim relates to an event).
  • The total on the claim must match the total of the receipt(s).
  • The receipt must be clear, with the items purchased and where, the total, VAT (if applicable), and VAT number visible.
  • The items on the receipt must be in accordance with the risk assessment submitted (if for an event) particularly relating to food and alcohol.
  • There must be enough money in the society’s account to cover the cost.
  • The receipt must be in UK currency or the claim must include evidence of the currency conversion.
  • If an invoice has been paid by a member, there must be proof it has been paid either by attaching a receipt or bank statement screenshot for the specific transaction.

If your claim is rejected by staff, you will receive a notification and will need to make the amendments required before resubmitting the claim. 

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