Advice on ensuring your society stays on top of its finances

Advice on ensuring your society stays on top of its finances

Budget templates can be found here.

Budgeting is incredibly important for societies, from forecasting spending for the academic year to ensuring that events are viable financially and don’t pose any financial risk.  

Budgets are required in the following situations: 

  1.  Selling tickets for an event  

  1. An event which falls under TOMS or Educational 

  1. If you are selling a product such as society stash  

It is also advised that you create an annual budget to plan how you spend your society membership income throughout the year to ensure members get value for money and is spent in line with society aims and objectives. Annual budgets do not need to be approved by the Activities Team, however we strongly recommend you make one as part of your annual plan. Remember that you will need to produce a financial report for the academic year for your society’s AGM, so producing an annual budget will help with this!  


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