Common questions asked by committee members!

Common questions asked by committee members!

1. How do I submit my event including the risk assessment and budget?

For your event to be approved it either needs to be covered by your annual risk assessment or you'll need to submit an Activity Risk form when submiting your event via the activity system. This can be accessed via your society dashboard on the Guild website. A guide to the activity system and submitting your event can be found here


2. How can we use the money in our society account? 

We provide several ways in which you can pay for things using your society account, from the Guild Credit Card, Financial Disclaimers, Invoice processing and eXpense365. Details on how to use each of these processes can be found here


3.     How can I claim money back from my society? 

If you’ve purchased something on behalf of your society, you can use the eXpense365 app to be reimbursed for your expense.  A guide to using the app can be found here


4.     How can I book the Lemon Grove for events?

The Lemon Grove can be booked via rooms.exeterguild.com, one month in advance of your event. If you need a login for the room booking site, drop us an email at activities@exeterguild.com and we can set one up for you!

If you require the bar for your event you’ll need to email lemongrovebookings@exeterguild.com to book your event. This should be done at least a fortnight before your event to allow resources to be allocated to your event.


5.     Why is my Event not approved?

A member of the team checks the events for approval each working day, if your event has not yet been approved please check for the following to ensure it can be considered for approval:

  • Is your event queried? If so, have you made the changes requested and resubmitted the form?
  • Have you completed the Activity risk form or indicated it's covered by your annual RA and/or added your budget to your OneNote? 
  • What is the current status of your event? If it is queried or in draft you'll need to submit the overall event, this can be done by selecting 'Submission/Edit' and then selecting Save and Submit
  • If your event is a Trip  (20 working days) or a Speaker Event (15 working days) please ensure you've allowed this amount of time for us to approve your event.

A comprehensive guide for how to submit your event can be found here. If your event has still not been approved and you've checked all the points above, let us know and we will look into this for you.


6.     Can I claim expenses if my Event has not been approved? 

Purchases needed for an event should not be purchased until the event is approved. 

If your event has not been approved but has not yet past, you’ll need to make the requested changes to the event to ensure it is approved.

If your event has passed and was never approved, you will not be able to claim back any expenses for that event and will be individually liable for the costs incurred. 


7.      I’ve made a claim on eXpense365 but it’s not been approved?

  • First make sure that you’ve sent the claim through for approval, and that it’s not still listed as a draft on the ‘Expenses’ page.
  • If it has been sent for approval, check with your president or treasurer whether they have received the notification – if they haven’t and you’ve completed the step above, send us an email and we’ll look into this for you!
  • There are several stages of approval so don’t expect the claim to be approved straight away, it can take between 3-5 working days for the expense to be paid back to you


8.     I’m the Treasurer /President of my society, but I’m not listed as a financial approver/can’t view my society’s finances?

  • Check whether you have access to your society admin page, if not you will need to complete your compliance.
  • If this still doesn’t work let us know and we will check you are registered correctly on our system


9.     Why has my claim been rejected on eXpense365?

  • If your claim has been rejected, you will receive a notification. By clicking on this notification, there will be a short reason for why the claim was rejected.
  • If the reason why is unclear, please email activities@exeterguild.com, with the details of your claim including the EXP number, what the claim was for and your society so that we can provide further information for you.


10. How can I use the Guild Credit Card?

You’ll need to email in to activities@exeterguild.com with the following information to book an appointment to use the credit card with a member of the Student Activities Team: 

  • Does the payment relate to an event, and if so has this event been approved?
  • How much are you looking to pay?
  • What will you be purchasing?
  • Will the payment be online or over the phone?
  • When is a suitable time for you to have the appointment?


11.   How do I submit an invoice that needs to be paid?

Invoices can either be submitted via email to reception at activities@exeterguild.com or drop a paper copy into reception

Invoices needing to be processed must have the following otherwise the invoice will not be accepted:

  • The Students' Guild Address (UESG, Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ)
  • The address of the company/person invoicing your society
  • A unique invoice number
  • Date of the invoice
  • Payment Details
  • The amount to be paid
  • If the company is VAT registered, we require a full break down of the VAT charged and the company's VAT number on the invoice


12.  How do I transfer money into my society account?

You can request the Guild Bank Details via email at activities@exeterguild.com. Please ensure when transferring the money, you include either your society code, which Reception will provide for you, or society name in the narrative. You'll also need to email us to confirm you've transferred the money, including the amount and any information/paperwork relating to what it is for, so we can allocate it accordingly.

13.  What is the difference between a Financial Disclaimer and a Payment request form?

A financial disclaimer form allows you to withdraw money out of your account if something needs to be purchased on the day or in person. The money is transferred into a committee members account, and then they must return receipts for what they have spent and any leftover cash.

A payment request form can be used to reimburse a non-member of your society, alternatively they could just invoice you to save on paperwork you need to complete! 


14.  Why does my society have to pay VAT?

The Guild is VAT registered, meaning VAT is paid on income, but not on expenditure, if a VAT invoice or receipt is provided. As your society is part of the Guild financially, this applies to you too. What this means for your society, is that you will be taxed at 20% on all society income, not just profit. However, if you provide us with a VAT invoice for society expenditure, we can reclaim the VAT that has been paid.


15.  How do I book a stall in the Forum for my society?

Bookings for stalls in the Forum are administered by the University. The booking form can be found here. You'll need to make sure you have submitted and had approved an event via the activity system before submitting the form.


16. How do I book one of the rooms in the University?

University rooms can be booked via their room booking site, you’ll need to log into the site using your University login. The site can be found here. If the room you want to book isn’t listed, you can contact their bookings department via roombookings@Exeter.ac.uk


17.  How do I book the DH2 meeting spaces, M&D Room or the activity rooms in Cornwall House?

These rooms can be booked via rooms.exeterguild.com. These rooms can only be booked out for society activity and have varying size capacity. If you are unable to login, send us an email to activities@exeterguild.com and we can set up an account for you. 


18. How do I access my society inbox? How do I get the password?

Your society inbox can be accessed via two methods:

1. If you want to email members of your society, you can use the ‘Message Centre’ on your Society Dashboard. 

2. If you want to view your mailbox, you will need to log into the account via office.com. We recommend opening the link in a private browser otherwise it will automatically direct to your University account. The outgoing committee should pass the login details to you, however if you haven’t been provided with this information you can request for the details to be reset here


19. How do I contact the Activities team?

The Activities Team can be contacted via activities@exeterguild.com. The team work Monday to Fridays between 9am and 5pm, any queries outside of this time will be responded to during working hours. Guild Reception is also open for societies to ask any questions they may have, Reception is open Monday to Friday in Term time between 9am and 6pm, and Monday to Friday outside of Term Time, between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively, you can call reception on 01392 723528. 


20. Once my risk assessment for my society’s event has been approved is there anything else I need to do?

Before the event happens, you’ll need to check that the risk assessment is still applicable. If any new hazards have been introduced these need to be assessed as well as the risk level of any of the previously identified hazards. It is vital that you make any necessary changes to ensure your event is safe for members to attend.


21. Can we sell term2 and 3 memberships at the end of term 1?

Yes! All you need to do is complete the Change Membership Price form before the end of term 1. We’ll then add the membership product and put it on sale on your society page.


22.How to I add recipients to my email via message centre?

To add recipients to an email on message centre you need to click where it says ‘To’ (it’s not obvious!), you’ll then be presented with a few mailing lists which you can choose from. Once you’ve selected all the ones you want to email select ‘Add Recipients’.


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