Submitting Your Event

A guide to the activity system!

A guide to the activity system!

In order for the Activities Team to approve your society events, you need to submit these via the Activities Dashboard. You need to submit an ‘activity’ for each event you are holding. You will need to make sure you complete everything required for your event to be approved by the deadlines below:

  • Speaker Events – at least 15 working days
  • Trips – at least 20 working days
  • All other activities – at least 5 working days
Adding a new activity:
  1. The Activities Dashboard is the portal through which events are submitted. It is located in your society admin area, under the Activities Icon:

2. Click on ‘All Activities’

3. To submit a new activity, click on the ‘New Activity’ button at the top


Submitting an activity covered by your Annual Risk Assessment:

If your event is covered by your annual RA and is not an event involving the following: Speakers, food and drink provided by the society, a film showing, theatre/performance, or a trip abroad or in the UK; you’ll only need to submit one form for your event!

Make sure in the updates box you write ‘Covered by Annual RA’ otherwise the event will be queried.

The video below will provide an example of submitting this type of event:


Submitting an event covered by your Annual Risk Assessment that falls under a specific event type:

Speaker, provision of food and drink by society, trips abroad or in the UK, film showing, or theatre and performance

As well as completing the front facing form with the details of your event, you’ll also need to add a form to provide some extra details. After entering the details of your event, select ‘Save as draft’. You’ll then need to select ‘Add Form’ and select from the drop down the form you require. Make sure to complete all the details requested and then ‘Save and submit’ the form.

Once completed you’ll need to select ‘Submission/Edit’ and ‘Save and Submit’ your event. Please see below the video which provides an example of submitting this type of event:


Submitting an event not covered by your Annual Risk Assessment:

If you are submitting an event which is not covered under your annual risk assessment, you’ll need to submit an extra form with your submission – The Activity Risk Form. This can be located under the add form dropdown. This allows you to identify: the hazard, who is at risk, the risk rating and the control measures that will be in place. Each form provides 5 entries, if you have more than 5 hazards you’ll need to complete multiple Activity Risk Forms. The form can be added as many times as required.

If your event falls under one of the following you’ll also need to complete the relevant form: Speaker, theatre/performance, food and drink provided by society, film showing or trip abroad or in the UK.

For an example of submitting this type of event see below:

Events requiring a Budget

If your event requires a budget, you’ll need to upload a copy of the budget to your society OneNote. You’ll need to indicate that you have uploaded this by writing ‘Budget in OneNote’ in the updates box of your event submission.

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