Spending Money on Your Event

When you can and can't spend money on your event

An event must be approved before any money is spent or anything is agreed. Only once your event has been approved will the Activities Team sign off on any expenditure and action any ticket requests. 
Here are the ways in which you can spend money on your event:
  • Purchase Order - Sometimes companies will request a purchase order, this is a legal guarantee that you will pay them for the service. Generally they invoice after the event but the purchase order secures the booking. 
  • Invoice - Always check whether a company who you are purchasing something from can invoice you for the amount. This can then be paid directly from the society account rather than an individual footing the cost and then being reimbursed. 
  • Credit Card - If you need to purchase something either online or over the phone, you can request an appointment to use the Guild Credit Card. We purchase the items on your behalf and then attribute the cost to your society account at the end of the Month, this way an individual doesn't have to foot the cost!
  • Financial Disclaimer - You may need to take money out of your society account if something needs paying in cash. A financial disclaimer allows you to withdraw money from your society account and return the receipts after the event to be attributed to the society account. Requests need at least 4 working days before the amount is required. 
  • Expense Claim - the final way you can spend money on your event is by purchasing the items yourself and reclaiming the expenditure via eXpense365. We only recommend this for small purchases, to ensure that individuals aren't paying large sums of money themselves. 
For more information on these methods see here
If you're event has not been approved:
No spending can be reimbursed from your society account
  • Top Tip: Don’t purchase or agree to anything before your event is approved!
  • Individuals will be liable for any costs incurred which are not cancellable

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