It's important that your society and the events it runs are inclusive and open to all members, considering the points below will help you to achieve this! 


Listening to the views of your different members and committee will help you to plan events that will be diverse, thereby appealing to the whole of your membership.


Although you need to tailor your events to offer a variety that will appeal to different people, you must still ensure that your events are inclusive to all members. All members are welcome to all events and it is part of your duty to be friendly and approachable at all events and to welcome everybody that attends.


There must be an even balance of events, so the ratio of alcohol to non-alcohol events must be as a minimum 50-50. You can offer fewer alcohol events, but not more than 50% of your full event portfolio. This is important as it means that you are offering diversity and being inclusive to students who may not want to drink as well as those that do. When you plan your events at the beginning of the year you need to plan a balance of events.


Enforced drinking and binge drinking are strictly prohibited, this means that: 

  • Pub golf is never allowed – you may run a pub crawl but to a maximum of 5 venues in total
    Any drinking games that encourage binge drinking or include enforced drinking as a forfeit (such as Beer Pong) are never allowed
  • If you are providing alcohol at a social you must also provide non-alcoholic drinks for those who may want them

You need to budget all your events to ensure that your members are getting value for money. This does not mean that you cannot run any profit making events, but it does mean that you need to have considered which events are going to be profit making and how you will then invest that money back on your members.

It could be that you make profit from one event in order to subsidise another, but you must remember that you need to use your membership money to benefit the society members. An exception to this might be if your event is raising money for your society to donate to charity. If this is the case then you can get advice from the Activities Team.

Please direct any students who may have difficulty covering the participation cost of an activity/event to the Student Activities Hardship Fund. You may also wish to create a similar fund within your group, with the permission of your membership, in order to support more students to get involved with the group.

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