On the Day and Washing Up your Event

A guide on what to consider on the day of your event and how to do a post event review!

A guide on what to consider on the day of your event and how to do a post event review!

On the Day and Washing Up your Event

It’s important to consider what needs doing on the day of your event as well as reviewing the event after it has happened. We’ve provided some guidance below on what to consider on the day of your event and a template for doing a post event wash up.

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On the Day of your Event

Washing Up your Event 

On the day of your event 

On the day of your event you may have a number of things to do, including setting up decorations or confirming bookings, however there are a few other things you need to consider:

  1. Identify at least one person to be ‘lead’ for the event, if an incident occurs at the event, they’ll be responsible for recording and reporting it
  2. If your event involves alcohol, at least event leads must remain sober. These should be decided ahead of the event and the leads should be aware of their role.
  3. Check over the risk assessment to see if the magnitude of any of the risks posed by the previously identified hazards have changed
    • Are there any new hazards to consider?
    • If any new hazards have been introduced these need to be assessed as well as the risk level of any of the previously identified hazards.
    • It is vital that you make any necessary changes to ensure your event is safe for members to attend.  
  4. If your risk assessment requires any information to be displayed on the day, such as allergen information or a photography disclaimer, this will need to be actioned by the event lead, otherwise the risk assessment is invalid.

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Washing up your Event 

Post event reviews are incredibly important, not only do they help highlight any successes, they also allow reflections on where improvements can be made. This will prove helpful for those next running the event!

We’ve created a document to help you review your events which can be downloaded here

This document, helps you conduct a SWOT Analysis of your event, including identifying the original event aims, the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to identify, what went well, what didn't go well and what can be improved for next time. 

We recommend you keep this file stored in your sharepoint so it can be used by future groups!

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