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How to review and improve your events

How to review and improve your events

Event Wash Ups

Post event reviews are incredibly important, not only do they help highlight any successes, they also allow reflections on where improvements can be made. This will prove helpful for those next running the event! Below are some pointers to help you review your events! 

What were the aims of the event?

[Why did you hold it? What were you hoping to achieve? Any targets you were attempting to reach?]

Now you’ve identified what you intended to achieve, you can now reflect on how the event from planning to the event itself went. A really good tool to assess this is SWOT Analysis, which allows you to evaluate your event by identifying internal and external factors influencing the achievement of event aims, and identifying solutions to these.

Strengths [Internal]  Think about the attributes of your society which helped you achieve the aims of your event. For example, skills and knowledge of team, social media following, collaborations, what is appealing about the event you’ve organised?

Weaknesses [Internal] Think about the attributes of your society which hindered you achieve the aims of your event. For example, time management, contacts, lack of experience, a restricted budget, lack of funding?

Threats [External] Think about the external factors that hindered you achieving the aims of your event. This could be anything from other societies running similar events, weather, resource availability, loss of funding. Whilst you may not be able to prevent these, you can plan for these types of events to minimize the impact on your success.

Opportunities [External] Think about the external factors that helped you achieve your events aims. Also think about improvement here, what is available to you to help make your event even better? For example, external support, access to resource. Use your strengths to identify where there is potential for further improvements.


To help frame your SWOT analysis, it is useful to consider the following questions:
What went well?

[List here the highlights, any achievements, positive feedback from attendees. Did you manage to engage your members? Look at engagement with social media posts and emails]

What didn’t go so well?

[What problem were encountered? Were they resolved? Were the solutions effective? Any feedback from attendees?]

What can be improved for next time?

[Did you use resources efficiently? What needs to be changed to make your event more of a success? What improvements/changes have attendees and those involved in the planning recommended?]

Its always a good idea to write up the ‘Actual Budget’ post event. This is because it allows you to see how the event performed financially compared to your original budget. You can identify where you went over budget, where you went under, did ticket sales perform as well as you expected?

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